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Monday, November 24, 2014

Perfect Timing

P-day was fantastic, because Elder Summers had a Costco card and took all of us in the district [there]!  It was the first time Hermana Mora had ever been (and the first time in 11 months for me)!  I seriously felt like I was back home - seeing all the familiar food / products.  Costco is starting to sell Christmas stuff, which made me happy, but also a little homesick.  And afterwards, we all ate Costco pizza :)  Then we went to the church building and watched the movie about the 2 Elder missionaries that got kidnapped in Russia  [The Saratov Approach]!  It was so incredible and, yes, I cried.  Everyone should watch it!!  In the evening, we visited a less active family, and they already have their Christmas tree set up!   Ahh, I am just so excited for the Christmas season to begin  :)

Tuesday, we finished teaching about the Plan of Salvation to Teodulo & Maria.  They are so smart and can learn so fast!  I love teaching about the Plan of Salvation, because it all just makes sense to me, and I know the answers to the questions, "Where are we from?  What is our purpose here in life?  and Where are we going afterwards?"  And this Plan gives me so much peace and helps me make better decisions.

In the evening, it was SO cold!  Hermana Mora and I felt like we were in a deep freezer!  We arrived to visit a less active family & they hurried us into the house and fed us chicken noodle soup with tortillas.  So then, I was a happy camper again  :)  haha  But really - it is getting really cold.  I even started playing my Christmas music around the house in the morning  :)

Wednesday morning we had a zone conference with the Mission President & his wife.  I really liked the conference because they spoke about the importance of setting goals and then making specific plans to achieve the goals we set.  Goal setting is vital if we want to see results and progress.  I made some personal goals for myself, and Hermana Mora and I made goals for our area.  We taught several investigators in the evening - and one of them gave Hermana Mora and I each a sweater.  The people here are so kind and, although they don't have much, they always give what they can.  I have learned how to be more thoughtful and giving.

Thursday, when we taught Teodula and Maria about the temple and family history, they were super interested.  They commented on how beautiful the temples are, and asked where the nearest temple is.  I think I always took for granted how close I live to temples - because the nearest temple here is in Guadalajara (a completely different state several hours away).
This is our gospel principles class (lulu is next to Hna Mora) and (Jose Guadalupe is in between the elders) they were our two investigators that stayed for the class :)

On Friday, I spent the day with Hermana Bingham.  She is from Ohio and was attending BYU the same year as me!  She was living on the other side of campus, so we never knew each other beforehand - but after the mission it'll be fun to see her again.  She has a lot of talents and an outgoing personality.  During the day we contacted a lot of people and taught many investigators.  It was rainy, but not too cold, so that was nice.

Saturday we went to a house where we'd contacted an elderly lady several weeks earlier.  When her granddaughter, who is 21 years old, answered the door, we asked if her grandma was home.  Then she got a puzzled look on her face and asked, "You aren't looking for me?"  We then learned from her, that she and her mom are members!  They live with the grandma, who's not a member and they have been inactive for years.  And we had heard of them, but the Relief Society didn't have their address, so we never knew how to visit them.  It was a miracle and evidence of God's perfect plan to help all his children.  They told us that they'd been wanting to return to church, but felt hesitant because they didn't have contact with the missionaries or members.  All they needed was an invitation  :)

On Sunday we had 4 investigators attend church and 2 of them stayed for all 3 hours!  Hermana Mora and I taught the Gospel Principles class and I realized how much we can learn from the Sunday classes.  For me, the 3 hours fly by!  After lunch, another incredible experience happened.  Hermana Mora and I wanted to visit a man we had contacted last week, whose wife was listening to the missionaries before she passed away.  He gave us his address "106-A", but we only found the number "106".  So, when an older lady answered the door, we were informed that she was his sister-in-law and also his neighbor.  She told us that he lived next door, and we almost left to see if he was home, but I felt like we should talk with her.  I asked if we could share a message with her, and she invited us in her house.  Her name is Dolores, and she is 62 years old and a widow.  We started explaining that we were missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  She exclaimed, "Oh, you are Mormons.  Wait her a moment."  She entered another room, and then returned with 6 Books of Mormon in her arms!  Each was different and the oldest dated back to 1970!  She then unraveled a long and amazing history of her visits from missionaries.  She had a light in her eyes when she described the church building being constructed 40 years ago and the Elders and Hermanas that had taught her and her family.  She never was baptized, although she attended church like any other member and told us, "I am almost ready to be baptized.  I don't lack much now."  Delores said, "It is incredible that over the years, whenever I am going through a really hard time or feel alone, you Mormon missionaries always knock on my door.  Always."  I was in shock and Hermana Mora and I could barely believe everything she told us.  We scheduled another day to visit her and before we left, she said with total sincerity, "Thank you for coming to help me.  I have never met a better people than the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints."

This week was amazing.  It is a privilege to be a missionary and see God perform miracles.  I wish I had enough time and space to describe all the amazing experiences I've had here.  I am so happy and grateful for all that I've been given.  I know that this is the true church and that the knowledge of the restored gospel can change lives.  This gospel offers answers to our deepest questions, [provides] comfort and true joy.

I love you all and hope each of you can experience the happiness I've felt in this gospel.  I pray for your progress and success each day and can't wait to see each of you again soon.

Con amor,
Hermana Eliason

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