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Monday, January 5, 2015

A New Year!

Monday night we had a Family Home Evening with a member and her newly married daughter.  We discussed a talk given by one of the apostles a few years ago called, "You Are Important To Him"  It was really touching and spiritual.  Then we all chatted and ate dinner together.  :)

Here I am with an adorable puppy
Tuesday we had our district meeting in english.  It went well and I kinda miss my native language because I can express myself so easily without thinking twice.  But don't get me wrong - I am still in love with Spanish!  We visited Lulu and we confirmed her baptism for the 10th  :)  Then with Teodulo and Maria we watched an excellent video called "How Rare A Possession" which shares 2 stories about the conversion of two men, thanks to the Book of Mormon.  Afterwards they both promised to read the entire Book of Mormon in 2015 and we asked them if they had reconsidered a baptismal date and they told us they want to be baptized sometime in January.

On Wednesday, although it was the last day of the year, we actually encountered a lot of people in their homes.  In almost all the visits, we were offered food!  We had to get back to the house a little early, due to "safety".  But that was okay because we watched a movie called "The Errand of Angels" about the life of a sister missionary serving in Austria.  Hermana Gonzalez and I enjoyed our last bit of junk food because we promised to help one another with one of our New Year's Resolutions to drop some weight  :)  We had a fun night together and went to bed fairly early.
This is a typical dish here. they are called
red tacos (pretty much enchiladas) super yummy!!!

Thursday:  Happy New Year   !!  2-0-1-5 !  Wahoo!  Today, although there weren't too many people home, and all the shops were closed, we still had a great day.  The few families we visited fed us lots of food - including a huge Huasteca Tamale!  A Huasteca Tamale is cooked in a big banana leaf and tastes amazing  :)

This is our christmas tree with the cute
little nativity that Teodulo and Maria gave us

Friday, Hermana Gonzalez and I visited many investigators.  With Teodulo and Maria, we read the Family Proclamation - which they loved.  I liked what Teodulo told us, ... "I'm never too old to learn something new that will help my family."

Then another sweet experience occurred in our last visit with Enriqueta and her 13 year old daughter, Mariela.  It was our second time teaching Mariela and after explaining the importance of the Book of Mormon, her Mom nudged her saying, "Tell the missionaries what you felt when they first came."  Then with tears in her eyes, Mariela explained how great she felt when she first listened to us.  She said in a shaky voice, "I can't describe it very well, but when you both come to our house, you bring peace and happiness.  I feel good when you teach us."  I was moved to tears because of how strongly the Spirit could be felt.  There is no greater joy that I know of, than to see another person feel and be taught by the Holy Ghost.  I am so incredibly grateful for this time as a missionary where I can see miracles each day.

I spent my Saturday with Hermana Cuque again in exchanges.  We worked in her area in Sausalito.  When lunch time came around and the member wasn't home, we all ate pizza.  I must say it was the best pizza I've tasted so far here!  We had a fun day together.  I love being a Sister Training Leader because I get to know the other sister missionaries pretty well.
Here we are with an investigator named
Monica in front of her christmas tree

Here we are with Aida Jr. (the one whose english
papers I always correct) She gave us scarves for christmas

Sunday we started our church services at 12pm because it's a new year - and we start later now.  :)  It was an incredible meeting because so many less-active members showed up.  The sacrament meeting was full and the testimonies were powerful.  Brandon and Maria came and the Bishop announced Lulu's baptism for this Saturday!  Lulu was so excited and during the testimony meeting she was crying because as she told us, "I can feel the Spirit."   The evening was full of meetings.  After a late lunch we met with the Bishop and then in the stake center with the zone leaders and district leaders.

Here is Hermana Gonzalez and I pointing to our homes (as you can see...mine doesn't appear on the map) haha

All in all, it was an excellent week.  I love you all and hope this year will be a good one for all of you.  :)


Hermana Eliason

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