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Monday, May 12, 2014

Special Changes

Tuesday:  We woke up like every other day and did our 30 minutes of exercise, then prepared to shower / get ready for our studies.  But then, the phone rang and all I heard from the zone leaders was "Hermana Eliason, you and Hermana Ortiz have special changes.  Hermana Ortiz needs to be in the central today at 4pm to leave for her new are in San Louis."  When Hermana Ortiz heard the news, she started to cry and tell me she's never been so happy or close with any of her other companions and didn't want to leave.  I was too stunned to accept that my trainer and only companion so far in the mission would be in an entirely different state, and I would be left here in Fresnillo to teach the area to my new companion.

We spent the few hours packing her belongings and passing by some of the members' houses for her to say good-bye.  It finally hit me when she gave me one last hug before boarding the bus that would take her far away.  We both cried and promised to keep in contact.  I love Hermana Ortiz and am going to miss her.  We had become more than companions - we were best friends who helped one another become better.
Me & Hermana Ortiz

Wednesday:  My new companion is Hermana Flores (Sister Flowers) and she's just as sweet as her name implies.  She's 19 years old and from an all-member family of 12 in El Salvator!  What's super cool, is we arrived the same day in the mission and I remember sitting by her during our orientation by the Mission President in Aguascalientes back in January.  When we found out we were going to be paired up together, we were both thrilled.  I am so lucky to serve with her.  Hermana Flores is so sincere and kind.
Hermana Flores

Thursday:  We had a great day together!  We taught 9 lessons and the people here love Hermana Flores!  She's learning the area quickly and teaches with the Spirit.  I absolutely love being with her.  She and I have clicked so quickly and it already feels like we've been friends for years.  :)

Friday:  Walking.  Walking.  Walking.  We went all over today and it was dreadfully hot; although they say this month we should be receiving rain.

Oh, the circus is in town!  They have their big yellow and red tents set up with animal cages and other exhibits on the side of one of the main roads here.  While walking past, we saw monkeys, lions, and tigers and bears (Oh my ... - reference to Wizard of Oz  haha)
The Circus & Hermana Flores

The circus is in town and here I am in front of the elephant near the front gates

Saturday:  Happy Mother's Day!  Here the 10th of May is El Dia del Madre!  All the mothers received flowers, watched the elementary school children dance and sing, and in the evening there were tons of celebrations.  :)

I got to Skype my family in the evening - which was wonderful.  Hearing their voices and seeing their smiles made me feel like I've only been gone for a week or two.  They gave me encouragement and assured me that all is well back home.  I can't wait to be with them again.  I know that one of the main reasons we are here on earth is to experience the joy that comes from families.  I am grateful to have the peace that comes from knowing that we can be together forever.

Good quote:  "Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved." I am learning that people matter most, and it is the small moments that together have the impact on others.
This is a meat shop in our area and every time we pass by, we bust up laughing at the picture of the cow who is smiling while his rear end is being cut up! haha I tried to mimic the action ;)

I hope everyone is doing well! Don´t forget to show the ones you love how much they mean to you (we should never assume they know our feelings, we must show them through actions of appreciation or love).  I love you all so much!  Happy Mothers day!

-Hermana Eliason

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