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Tuesday, May 6, 2014


This week was GREAT!! Hermana Ortiz and I are having a lot of success here with less active members.  We've been using the church list that has the addresses of these less active members (some of which haven't been visited or attended church for years!)  One man named Jose Luis was baptized over 10 years ago and now has a wife, and three children who aren't members, but who we've been able to start teaching He is now a tattoo artist (his wife does the piercings) and he lived in the US for 6 years. So while he was tattooing a big dragon on the back of some random man, he and I talked in english for a good 20 min (while Hermana Ortiz talked with the wife).  It was such a different environment, but regardless, I could feel the Spirit and they were so kind and welcoming.  Their kids are adorable and they have 3 huge bulldogs that we got to play with before leaving.  We´re going to continue visiting them so I´ll be sure to keep you all updated.
This dog made me think of aunt Michelle! I miss her

Here they celebrate a holiday called Dia del Niño (day of the child).  There was no school for all the kids and tons of parties!  There were lots of piñatas in the streets and children running around with all their candy ;)  It was a lot of fun, and Hermana Ortiz and I bought some cake.

The Velazquez family taught us how to make tamales from scratch! (a surprisingly long process) After a couple of tries, I finally mastered how to spread the masa on the corn husks ;)  LOVE the food here! They turned out totally yummy!

Hermana Ortiz and I completed 100 days together It is amazing how fast the time is flying by here!

Sometimes I still feel like such a little kid because the simple and small things make me so happy and can entertain me for hours The other day Hermana Perez was using her walker to get some fresh air outside, and gave Hermana Ortiz and I permission to use her wheelchair.   We then proceeded to make speeding car noises while pushing each other around super fast (oh and the cobblestones made it all the more bumpy and fun!) Hermana Ortiz and I had a grand ol' time and Hermana Perez got a good laugh out of how much we were enjoying her wheelchair ;) haha

Hermano & Hermana Perez

For P-day today we played soccer again! We all had a lot of fun...and great news...I used sunscreen and didn't get burned ;) 

I don't have much time today to write, but all is going well here.  I see miracles everyday and love the mission life.  I hope all is going well for everyone back home.  I keep you all in my prayers and am so grateful for the love and support I receive!

Hermana Eliason

[Last week Kiley's photos wouldn't load, so below are follow-up photos]

Little dog that relaxed on my legs as I prayed
(story from last week's letter)

Here is our entire zone with the mission president the day he visited (last week)

Here are all the sister missionaries in our zone right now with the mission president´s wife
(as you can see, i am the tallest!) haha

This is from last week when I described Hermano Perez visiting Hermano Vargas when he was sick

This is one of the daughters of the Vargas family that we've become close to; her name is  Lupita.

This is Hermana Romero when we had intercambios together

I got a package from the Carter family!!

BIGGEST farmers market EVER!!! it was crazy cool!!!

This is our kitchen

This is where we study
This is our new district

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  1. Always enjoy hearing from you and all the progress that's going on there. It's great that you're enjoying your mission and serving so many. You're always in our prayers!