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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Lots of visits!

[sadly, no photos this week due to computer trouble]

Monday:  For P-day we played volleyball, basketball, and soccer at the church with 6 other missionaries and Gael, his cousin, and his uncle.  It was a lot of fun and Juan (Gael's uncle) was determined to help me score a goal in soccer.  Finally after many attempts I made one! haha  I am so impressed by the talent of the people here in their foot work and soccer skills!  I was completely exhausted afterwards In the evening we did our laundry at the house of the Velazquez family because they have a washer (saves a lot of time!) And when we hung our clothes out to dry on the top of their 3 story roof I admired a breath taking view of the city at sunset. 

Tuesday:  For lunch we ate at the house of Hermana Bringas.  She and her two children are members, but her husband is not (hopefully soon though!) I absolutely loved their house on the outskirts of town - all bricks and wood.  The inside feels like a cabin because of the high beamed ceiling and big brick fire place.  She and her husband are artists and I was in heaven when they showed me their studio and artwork!

Wednesday: Hermano Vargas has continued to be sick and in bed, so we thought we'd help by having Hermano Perez accompany us to visit him.  It turned out to be a great idea, because when we entered Hermano Vargas' room with Hermano Perez, he lit up with a big smile! It was so touching to see these two elderly men in their mid-80s talk about the good ol' days and laugh.  They've been friends for 60 years and were converted to the church with their families around the same time.  I am so grateful for the friendships in my life that I know will last forever :)

Thursday:  This morning as Hermana Ortiz and I were hanging the trash on the gate, a little white dog followed us up the stairs. We gave it a bowl of milk, 'cause it was hungry and we felt bad to kick it out... so we laid an old shirt down in the corner and it slept during our studies.  When I got on my knees to close my scripture study with a prayer, the dog (which we named Chiquitita from the song ABBA)   climbed onto the back of my legs and made herself comfortable.  When Hermana Ortiz finished her prayer before me and saw Chiquitita laying on my legs, she started busting up laughing and snapped a quick picture ;)  haha   In the evening we had exchanges (where the sister missionary leaders split up Hermana Ortiz and I for a day to see how we are progressing).  Hermana Ortiz left around 6pm for Zacatecas, and I got paired up with Hermana Romero to show her our area here in Fresnillo.  Hermana Romero is a rockstar! She's from Columbia and full of energy :)

Friday:  Hermana Romero and I spent all day together and had a blast, while at the same time working really hard. We taught 8 lessons and had time to use the church list to encounter 3 new people to teach! We were laughing and smiling all day- missionary work doesn't have to be dull! She was a great example to me of someone who has gratitude in her circumstances and is completely obedient and diligent as a missionary. Hermana Ortiz returned in the evening :)
We were laughing & smiling ALL day
missionary work doesn't have to be dull!

Saturday: We had a zone meeting with the mission president which lasted 5 1/2 hours! The talks were inspiring and Hermana Ortiz and I set some personal and companionship goals.  Here in the mission everyone is constantly trying to become better and help others achieve their divine potential. But this way of life isn't just for missionaries. Everyone (including myself when I return home) has the ability to learn and grow each day for the better and help others along the way. 

Sunday:  The Hernandez family came to church again! Whoop whoop! They all said they felt at peace and liked the testimonies that were shared.  For lunch Herman Piña served us her scrumptious homemade flour tortillas - and I even rolled my own :)  We had a Family Home Evening (FHE) in the evening with Hermana Bringas and her family.  We played games, ate pizza and shared an article from the Liahonna magazine of the church.  I really like the message because it shared 10 points that will help us live a life of joy and purpose: 
1.    Establish principle to guide your life
2.    Don't make exceptions to your standards
3.    Be loyal
4.    Live so that the Lord can guide you
5.    Serve others
6.    Smile
7.    Don't complain
8.    Always have a church assignment
9.    Visit the temple often
10.   Follow the  Saviors example.  

All in all, this week was great and I am loving my time here as a missionary.  I know this gospel is true and can bless the lives of everyone Thank you to all who read my blog, send me packages or letters or emails, or keep me in their prayers.  It truly means a lot  :)  Hope everyone has a fantastic week!

Hermana Eliason

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