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Monday, April 21, 2014

A week of Miracles!

Monday: Hermana Ortiz and I taught an investigator named Paula - who at first came across as a grumpy old lady, but even from the first lesson I felt something special for her.  As we've continued to visit and smile, Paula has continued to soften and become more open and comfortable around us. When I was saying goodbye after the lesson and giving her a kiss on the cheek (customary here), she took my hand and kissed the top of it saying "Cuidence Hermana Eliason, te amo mucho." (Which means - Be careful Hermana Eliason, I love you very much.) It was such a tender moment for me, and Paula has a special place in my heart.  She doesn't come across as a grumpy old lady anymore and it has been amazing to see her attitude/appearance change because of the gospel and Christ-like love. 

In the evening Hermana Lupita and her husband (less active members we visit often) passed by our house at 9:30pm to deliver some warm tortillas and beans because they'd overheard that because everyone is on vacations this week, many of our lunch appointments have fallen through. It was incredibly thoughtful. The people here are amazing.
Here we are after eating berries- we always stain our fingers and tongue purple
after passing by this specific tree that is in front of an abandoned house

Tuesday: Today we had our first district meeting after having changes last week. We have 2 new Elders - one from Guatemala and one from Mexico, so I am now officially thee only white person/american in my district ;)

Wednesday: In the morning we walked a TON because we tried using the church's list of less active members to encounter their homes. But something that is frustrating here, is that the numbers on the houses rarely follow a numerical order! For example one house is #14 and its neighbor is #220!!  At least the weather has been nice and cool this week because Hermana Ortiz and I have been out walking a lot each day :)

Here we are with the daughter of Hermana Lupita.
She is 17 and we love to hang out with her
Thursday:  Today we encountered the Hernandez family (a mom and 3 daughters - ages 14, 13, and 10).  They were so welcoming, kind and open to our message. The miracle was that earlier in the week Hermana Ortiz and I had fasted and prayed fervently to encounter a family prepared to accept our message.  I know that the Hernandez family was the answer! And I know that God is preparing the hearts and minds of the people here :)

Friday:  We taught the Velazques family and as the 2 little girls were playing we finished the lesson and closed with a prayer with the the older members of the family.  But then they entered the room as we were putting on our backpacks and saying goodbye.  One of the little girls looked up at us and asked "are you leaving?", to which we replied yes.  Immediately she and the other little girl got on their knees expecting us to end in a prayer (not knowing we had already given it).  It was so humbling to see these two 3 year old girls fold their arms and close their eyes while on their knees because they had come to know that before the misionaras leave we give a prayer together.  I adore the little children here. They have such sweet spirits and can truly be examples to us sometimes :)
Here are the two little girls from the Velazquez family! I cant get enough of them! They are adorable! This picture is when I introduced them to scratch & stiff  stickers that Uncle Chris sent to me. They smell like chocolate ice cream and the girls loved them!

It rained a little today so they were
running around with their umbrella :)
I LOVE them! haha

Saturday: We left the house bright and early in our work out clothes around 8am to help a member in the ward paint her house. Together with the Elders we spent about 2 hours helping her and her husband paint their house pink/salmon color ;) It was a lot of fun, and she even had jumpers that we wore to protect our clothing ;) 

After lunch the Elders came with us to the house of the Vargas Family because Hermano Vargas is really sick. He started smoking at the age of 8 until he joined the church 30 years later- but now is suffering from lung damage and asma. The spirit was really strong while the Elders gave him a blessing as he lay in bed (he has lost a lot of weight- to the point where I´m pretty sure I could pick him up in my arms). 

Sunday: The Hernandez family attended church! They said they felt something special and all the members were warm and welcoming to them. The church here is like a big family and I love it! During the 3rd hour of church the Relief Society president asked Hermana Ortiz and I to share our testimonies on the spot in front of everyone. Although I was a bit nervous, I shared my sincere testimony of the things I knew to be true. And afterwards as we were stacking the chairs two Hermanas complimented my spanish saying that it was really good and that in the short 3 months that I´ve been here, they can´t believe how much I know! I know that the gift of tongues is real!

Here there is no Easter - only "La Santa Semana" which is the Holy Week - in which all the Catholics do random things (like don't eat meat, do a walk of silence through out the city, and attend a reenactment of the crucifixion of Christ, etc)

All is going well for me: my hair continues to get lighter, my skin continues to get darker, and my testimony of their gospel continues to get stronger! I love being a missionary and I am witnessing miracles each day here! Hope all is well back home, I keep you all in my prayers and appreciate your love and support!

Hermana Eliason

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