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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Monday, April 14th

Monday: So I think I described our trip to Zacatecas in my other letter, but it was seriously a blast!  We all played games at a huge park in the center of the city and it was nice to spend time with 35 other missionaries. The only bummer, was I got sunburned SUPER bad! I returned home like a ripe tomato and to take away a little of the sting, Hermana Ortiz and I wiped milk all over my face, neck, and arms . . . so that was fun ;)

Me and Brisa
Tuesday: Our visits went great! We are teaching the wife of a less active member right now who is really awesome and receptive.  She asks a lot of questions and one that made me laugh was, "Is it against your religion to wear pants? Because I've only seen you use skirts." haha  After teaching Brisa, her family offered to feed us. We were given a whole plate of cactus....Usually I don't mind cactus, but Hermana Ortiz and I were suffering from stomach pains all night long from eating so much!

Here is a picture of Brisa. I adore her, and she comes to church with us each sunday (her mom is a less active member, her step dad isn't a member, and she has a 7 month old little sister) She is always telling us how much she loves us and calls us her 2nd and 3rd moms ;)

Wednesday: Hermano and Hermana Ordaz are like our parents here in Fresnillo. They are always so supportive and welcoming and offering to help. They fed us lunch and took us to buy more gas for our boiler (taking cold showers isn't fun).  They are so funny and always smiling, but one thing I don't like about here is NO ONE smiles for pictures! It makes them appear all serious, but they really aren't.
The family Ordaz! I LOVE this family! Although they appear a little serious, they are always smiling and making us laugh and offering to feed us or help us out in any way possible!

Thursday: I started teaching English! 3 times a week now, for an hour, I help some of the members learn english! It is actually harder than I thought and the pronunciation of our words are a bit difficult for them to memorize because of all of the rules.  But they are so appreciative and I love helping them in any way possible :)

Friday: I have officially completed 4 months in the mission! Time continues to fly by for me! We were given money to purchase lunch with the Elders and ate at a super cool restaurant called The Museo (The museum). It was super cool inside and decorated with tons of old tools, pictures, pots, etc. We all ate enchiladas and tacos and had a good time. 
Here we are enjoying some lemonade and a strawberry
drink in a cool antique restaurant for lunch

Saturday: Hermana Ortiz and I got to watch "On the Lords Errand" which is a small documentray about the prophet Thomas S. Monson.  It was so incredible and I learned so much more about him.  I know that he is a prophet of God and I am so grateful that I was able to listen to him last week during General Conference! We also taught Gael, who should be getting baptized within the next month!!

Sunday: All the missionaries in our zone reunited at the Stake Center at the end of the day to receive the news of changes (which happen every 6 weeks). So many of the missionaries got reassigned so our zone will be really different the next time we get together.  I am going to miss everyone leaving.  But the good new is Hermana Ortiz and I will be together for another 6 weeks!! I am so happy and so is she, because we get along so well and have grown to become best of friends :) 

All in all, this week was great (just like all the others).  I am continuing to learn and grow and improve each day.  I love the people here, my companion, and this city of Fresnillo.  

Here I am sitting in a shack on the side of the road

Here is Fresnillo, and it is beautiful

I hope all is going well back home Write to me using Dear Elder*  (it is free and gets to me pretty quickly!)  I know this gospel is true and love being a missionary!

Quote of the week: "Remember that all men have fears, but those who face their fears with faith have courage also."

Love always,

Hermana Eliason

[*To write Kiley on  "Dear Elder" go to www.dearelder.com  then  Write A Letter  then select the  Mexico Aguascalientes mission.  This service sends her a printed letter faster than regular mail.]

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