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Monday, April 7, 2014

General Conference!

This week flew by so quickly! In the first couple days of the week, Hermana Ortiz was experiencing major head pain, which was a bummer because we couldn't figure out what was causing them.  She tried a bunch of different medicines and one day when she couldn't get out of bed, I sat beside her on the mattress and sang hymns and read a couple chapters from the Book of Mormon.  Singing and reading out loud has been really helping my spanish and pronunciation. When people ask how long I've been here in Mexico, they are really surprised when I respond "almost 3 months," and say they thought I have been here longer.  I feel the same way! Sometimes it feels like I've been here forever.  And then other times I feel like I arrived only yesterday! Time is certainly a crazy thing!

On Friday we had our once-a-month zone meeting (where they pass out mail!) I finally got my first letters from the United States.  Both letters were sent January 22nd - so it looks like it takes about 2 months for cards. But DearElder (a website to write missionaries) is way faster, so if you'd like to write me (PLEASE DO)!

On Saturday and Sunday we watched General Conference! It was fantastic and Hermana Winsor and I were able to sit in the Bishop's Office and view the broadcast in English! It was such a blessing and I learned so much.  All of the talks were great and spiritually uplifting.  I hope you all got a chance to see it too!
 With Hermana Winsor, in the office ready to watch conference

Today we had a multi zone activity in Zacatecas (the capital about an hour away).  I love that city! It is so beautiful and entirely built on steep hills (kind of reminds me of San Francisco).  The buildings are old and there are a bunch of cool cathedrals too.  We played games together at a huge park in the center of the city It had a big lake in the middle with a ton of cool exhibits: like a little zoo, lots of playgrounds, a yoga platform right in front of the water, etc.  Hermana Ortiz and I walked all the way around and it was a clear, crisp day.  (Although the sun is so strong here, and I definitely got sunburned!)
2 Zone Meeting in Zacatecas
Hermana Ortiz and I at a park in Zacatecas

Transfers are this upcoming monday (so I havent found out yet if I will be here in Fresnillo for another 6 weeks or if I will be changing...)
Here I am on the piano steps of the music building that is in our area

But life is truly amazing here.  Each day I learn and grow in ways that are hard to put into words.  I feel at home and can feel at peace among the people here, and because I love them so much, I want them all to know the gospel.  This gospel has brought me so much joy and happiness and I have an increasing desire for others to feel the same.  I hope all is going well back at home. I keep you all in my prayers and am so grateful for all the love and support!

Hermana Eliason

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