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Monday, March 31, 2014

This week was great...like always!

This week was great...like always!

Tuesday: We had a district meeting with the other missionaries - but since it was the last Tuesday of the month it was all in English! SO WEIRD! Only Elder Bell and I are fluent / from the US and the meetings in English are supposed to be practice for the native missionaries.  But I literally couldn't speak out loud correctly, and kept mixing my sentences up.  The only thing I can relate it to is a triathlon: when I transition from the bike portion to the run portion ... my legs are like jello and it is awkward/unfamiliar for a bit. The same is with Spanish and English - although I write in my journal in English, I NEVER speak English out loud, so it was an interesting experience.  But it also made me so grateful for the gift of tongues and how quickly I am learning the language!

Wednesday: We taught Gael (a 10 year old boy who comes from a less active family).  He is a great kid and we also teach his uncles. One of his uncles told us "the day I attended church with the two of you was the first time in 2 years Ive been to church. Thank you for helping me come." It made me realize the importance of working with and fellowshipping the less active members.  I was so excited for him to feel the Spirit in the church building and partake of the sacrament after such a long time.

Thursday: We visited the Perez family and after the lesson they showed us an old photo album with super cool pictures dating back to the 1800s (pictures of their parents).  Hermana Ortiz looked at one of the pictures and the type of dress they used, then looked at me and exclaimed "Hipster!" hahaha 
Another older member in our ward gave us a 1950s Libro de Mormon (which was super cool because it was around the time the church was beginning to grow here in Mexico more).  The pages are all yellow and marked up with notes!

Friday: I held a Tarantula! Gael has a big pet tarantula that he let me hold! It was all fuzzy and black and orange!  Hermana Ortiz was a bit timid at first but then she also held it!

Saturday: I adore two little girls who are Gael´s cousins. They are both 3 years old and always playing with each other at the house of their grandma; because both of their moms work. And each time we arrive they get so excited and give us big hugs. Then they sit by us during the lessons and ask when we will return :) 

Sunday:  Church went really well and we taught lessons in the evening about the Articles of Faith. Hermana Ortiz wasn't feeling too well, so I had a great study session in the scriptures while she rested!

Here is when we visited the Piña family and held
their pet rooster and played with their dogs!
Here is the P-day when we visited our investigator
Alfredo and he showed us how to prepare pizzas
This is the P-day when we all got
together as a zone and played soccer!
Here we are with Hermana Andreita
(super old and cute right?) 
Here is a picture of the outside of our
new house (we live on the top floor)
Hey I found the street to lead me home! haha
I don't have time today to respond much, only 5 minutes left! ah no time at all here!!!  I LOVE you all so much!! I will write more next week!!!

- Hermana Eliason

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