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Monday, March 17, 2014

Ch-ch-changes ;)

(I have so many cool pictures I want to send, but I cant send them until next week ;(  The computers in this cyber are super old)

This week went really well, and we went through a lot of changes.

In the beginning of the week, we taught a lesson to our district. I spoke for the first 30 minutes and it went great! I love being able to understand and carry on more conversations in spanish.  Oh, and I had a dream in spanish (Hermana Ortiz said I was sleep talking and reciting the missionary purpose!) haha

One day it was super cold and rained But the sky was bright so it was a weird sensation.  We made strawberry jello-which I was strangely craving ;) haha

We ate lunch with a member who grew up on a ranchero and described to us the life of living way outside of town in adobe/brick houses with all your family as your neighbors. They live off the land with lots of crops and animals. It is so interesting to learn the different ways of life here !

We moved houses! It took all day to pack up everything in a big cargo truck one of the members has and then unload it all into our new house.  We live in a yellow house on the second story (the lady renting out the place to us lives below and her name is Hermana Cookie! ) haha   I really like the new house - one of the walls is painted with zebra stripes and the kitchen has cool sun and moon tiles. 

We visited the bishop's house and they fed us hot chocolate with bread!)  !
(and playing on the television in the background was the movie Enchanted
It is so cool to hear everything translated into spanish

Hermana Ortiz and I got our hair cut by one of our investigators, (so we were able to do a little teaching while she trimmed our hair!)   Usually it costs 25 pesos each, but she only charged us each 15 pesos (which is just over a dollar!) Gotta love the prices here!

The Garcia family came to church for the second time in 3 weeks, which is great because all the other members in the ward asked how we did it. Apparently, they haven't been to church in many years and haven't accepted the invitation to attend from their visiting/home teachers or other former missionaries. I don't know how Hermana Ortiz and I are different, but I truly love this family and the youngest daughter bore her testimony in church and said "I am so happy that Hermana Allyson (that's me) and her companion invited us to come to church." God truly is preparing the hearts and minds of the people here! I love my area and I absolutely adore the people I have been blessed to meet.

Today we played soccer as a zone! The natives and practically everyone here in Mexico is a champion soccer player!  It was a lot of fun...and one of the Elders from Guatemala was my buddy and helped me score a goal! Wahoo! haha
S C O R E !!!
All is well and I am loving life! I hope all is going great back in the US! 

I love you all and keep you in my prayers!

Hermana Eliason


  1. Thank you Hermana Eliason, for the lovely note you wrote to me and Norm. With all you have to do, I know your time is very precious and your days are filled. We truly appreciated your thoughtfulness and sweet comments. We are enjoying all your newsy letters and are so pleased that things are going so well there. We keep you in our prayers and know that Heavenly Father is watching over you. Hugs and Kisses, G Sue

  2. The big question is: Is her name Cookie because she bakes all the time?