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Monday, June 9, 2014


This week was CRAZY!!!

Monday: We were still living with the other two Hermanas, so we cleaned the house quickly, washed our clothes and then went out to eat together. Think I mentioned this last week :)

Tuesday: We moved into our new house (which used to be the old house of the Elders in our district).  In the morning we spent most of our time packing and then unpacking.  The good news is the house is two doors down from the church and in the middle of our area.  So we will be super close to the people we are teaching and won't have to walk as far any more.  The house was fairly clean and the Elders warned us that there were cockroaches - but we thought they were just trying to scare us .... boy were we wrong!  

This is our kitchen
(you can see the window that connects to our bedroom on the left)
Wednesday: The day was normal and all went well in our new area. And at first when we returned home in the evening around 9:30pm everything seemed fine.  Before we sat down to do our nightly planning, I wanted to get a drink of water and that's when I saw a cockroach on the counter I called for Hermana Perez and we used the H24 spray to kill it.  Feeling all victorious...we returned to our planning desks and received a phone call from our District Leader asking how our day went.  As I was talking to him, Hermana Perez started checking the kitchen cabinets to see if there were any more cockroaches.  Due to her wide eyes and hand signals of more cockroaches, I quickly ended the phone call and grabbed the H24 spray.  She told me to open the cabinet under the sink and just spray for a couple seconds. While doing so, I was screaming and got some of the nasty spray in my mouth and started gagging (apparently the spray isn't too great for humans either).  Thinking we had accomplished the task, I ran to brush my teeth in hopes of getting rid of the gross taste in my mouth, and Hermana Perez followed laughing ;)

Oh and I learned my lesson the hard way ...
need to use bug spray here. Over 21 bug bites on my legs! Ouch!
[Nice shoe tan, Kiley!]
This is when things got really gross and scary. (Our bedroom window connects to the kitchen, so we can see everything in the other room). When we returned from the bathroom and passed by the window, it was like a scene from a horror movie!! Tons of cockroaches were fleeing from the kitchen cabinets and emerging from other small spaces We ran and shut the door- locking ourselves in our bedroom and watching with complete disgust and horror and the cockroaches kept coming We did not sleep well that night, but luckily none entered our room.

Thursday: In the morning we awoke to a grave yard of cockroaches in our kitchen/ study area Over 35 of the filthy creatures laid dead all over!!! EW EW EW! We bought a special paste/goo that we placed all over the house to kill any remaining cockroaches.

Hermana Perez in the area where we study
Friday:  We had a zone meeting which was fun! There are some familiar faces in our zone (Elder Aguilar who was my first District Leader in Fresnillo, Hermana Anderson who is a friend from BYU, Elder Arreaga who always helped me with soccer in my other area, and Hermana Martinez who arrived the same day as me and was companions with Hermana Flores in the CCM!)  I also got my first package from home! It was so great to receive something and it made me feel so loved! Thank you family!!  [*note, 1 package was send at the end of January that she never got and she just received the one we sent March 28th.]

Saturday:  In the morning we had english class! (8 people showed up and I taught the basics).  It was fun, but I was also a bit nervous Then we encountered some new people to teach and passed out two Books of Mormon :)  It was great, and the Lord truly is preparing the hearts and the minds of the people here to receive us and this message of the Gospel of Christ.  It is amazing! Then, in the evening was the baptism of Tere
Tere got baptized!! wahoo! She is so awesome!

This was the big party afterwards in their house
 She is the daughter of a recent convert  (Hermana Hernandez is her mom and we eat with her almost once a week).  They are a great family Tere was grinning from ear to ear before and afterwards, and the Spirit was so strong.  The Elders and Hermana Perez and I sang a special musical number :)  Afterwards we went to their house to have a big dinner with all their family and friends.  It was so fun There were about 27 of us all eating, chatting, and having a good time together.  It reminded me of a big family reunion!

Sunday:  Hermana Perez and I gave talks in church today I spoke about Obedience and used the General Conference talk by L. Tom Perry.  It went well, and I learned so much from preparing the talk. In the evening we continued visiting people and received 5 references for new people to teach from some of the members.  There is a lot of work to do here but I love it!

Here I am holding a bunny ;) haha

Hey Gael was baptized the saturday after I left my area in Fresnillo!!!
I am so happy for him and his decision! Hermana Flores sent me these pictures!

These are all the sister missionaries in our new zone

All in all, it was an exciting and adventurous week for me I love Mexico, and I love my area and time right now training Hermana Perez.  We get along so well and have a great time together!

I know this gospel is true and hope everyone has a fantastic week!

Hugs and BUGS,
Hermana Eliason

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