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Monday, June 30, 2014


Wet from the rain!
Blurry & soaked!
MONDAY:  In the evening, we taught the children of Hermana Teresita (Anthony & More).  We showed them The Restoration video - which kids always like.  :)  When we finished and walked outside, the sky was grey and it was sprinkling.  We live about 5 minutes away from Hermana Teresita and thought we’d return for good measure to grab umbrellas.  But during the short walk,  the drizzling turned into an absolute down pour!! We returned just in time to bring all our clothes inside and open the patio drains so it wouldn’t flood, and I have NEVER seen it rain so hard!!   The phrase, “It’s raining cats-n-dogs” doesn’t do it justice, because it was more like, “It’s raining cows-n-elephants"  hahah  :)  Hermana Perez and I got soaked and changed our clothes, then waited for about 25 minutes until it suddenly stopped.  It was totally bizarre how fast it went from thunder and lightening to clear blue skies!!  When we left again to continue our visits, ALL the street gutters were flooded, so it was an adventure to look for ways to cross the streets so we wouldn’t get our feet wet.

TUESDAY:  Our house was fumigated for all those nasty cockroaches!  Wahoo  :)  It only took an hour and afterwards, we returned to sweep up all the dead ones lying around.  Gross, but now we shouldn’t be having any more “visits” by them.
Some weird huge bug we encountered outside the church!!
I didn't have the courage to put my finger next to it so you
could see how big it was, but yeah...gross ;)

In the evening, we had companionship exchanges.  (Like when I spent the day with Hermana Romero in my other area.)  So, around 9pm, Hermana Anderson showed up to be my companion for the next 24 hours, and Hermana Perez left with Hermana Anderson’s companion for their area.

WEDNESDAY:  So, Hermana Anderson and I had a blast together!  What’s super cool is that before the mission, we were friends at BYU.  She is from Utah and has one transfer more than me in the mission.  We are crazy similar, and it is really amazing to see the ways in which we both have changed.

We clicked super fast and just talked with each other ALL day while we were walking to and from our visits.  The lessons went well - one family even asked if we were sisters.  :)

And she and I taught well and worked hard together, but at the same time had lots of laughs and shared mission experiences.  What we love about Mexico, how our perspective has changed, and our goals for after the mission.

She returned with her companion in the evening, and Hermana Perez returned with me.  After they left, Hermana Perez told me about her day, but then at the end of her recound said, “I really missed you today, Hermana Eliason.”

It is definitely an amazing feeling and opportunity to be a trainer.  I love Hermana Perez and although I enjoyed my day with Hermana Anderson, I was happy to be with Hermana Perez again.  :)

THURSDAY:  We had a reunion with the Mission President and his wife for all the new missionaries in Aguascalientes.  There were 5 companionships in total that attended and the trainers were separated from the trainees to receive instruction and kinda just check-up on how these first couple of weeks are going for the new missionaries.
Crazy Faces with my District!

Afterward, President Villareal and his wife took the 10 of us out to lunch at a delicious buffet!!  It was absolutely food heaven!  (I took advantage of this rare opportunity and stuffed myself with about 3 plates of a variety of food :)  haha)

In the evening, we completed several visits and contacted two ladies (one of which strikes up a conversation with us by asking if I was from England).

FRIDAY:  We did our weekly planning - which I actually love because we set goals and discuss ways in which we can improve.  Hermana Perez always has great advice and together we have been learning and growing for the better.

We taught Jaime in the evening and he accepted the invitation to be baptized!  I was incredible to see the Spirit teach him and his family and watch them throughout the lesson absorb gospel truths.

Here is More posing in front of the chalk board after and English class 
(she helped me draw some of the pictures to learn the alphabet)
SATURDAY:  In the morning English class went well - I like to see others learn.  :)   And in the evening was the baptism of Mercedes (the sister of Hermana Tere, who was baptized just a couple of weeks earlier).  Plus, their Mom is a recent convert of only 3 months, so it was touching to see the three of them all so happy.  The gospel truly changes lives.

SUNDAY:  So many of our less active members that we’ve been teaching finally came to church!  (for some, it had been years since they’d attended).  I was filled with pure joy to see them in the church and couldn’t stop smiling.  :)

After lunch we taught several families - including the Romero family.  The Romero family are members but their niece, Caro, who lives with them is an investigator.  She is super interested and has been reading her Book of Mormon to learn more.  I think she’s great and they just bought a St. Bernard puppy!  (I don’t know where they’ll have room for it once it grows up, but it sure was fun to hold him).

TODAY:  Yes, Hermana Perez and I colored our hair. 
Before Color
After Color

My previous color was bugging me because it was so light and sun-damaged.  So we thought a change would be nice.  :)

This is Caro with her new St. Bernard puppy!

Here I am with Hermano Arodondo with his
adorable son all dressed up in his church suit

Yes I am still me, and love to make funny faces!


Hermana Mora, and Huff with Hermana Perez and I
on Thursday for the reunion with the Mission President

Everything is going fantastic!  I hope everyone enjoys this week and thank you for all the love and support!

Love always,

Hermana Eliason

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