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Monday, July 28, 2014

Blog Party!

This week it was Elder Arnold’s 20th birthday on Tuesday and Hermana Perez’ 29th birthday on Thursday!   So on Wednesday, when we ate lunch with the Elders at the house of the Hernandez family, we celebrated!  The living room was decorated with balloons and streamers and the Hernandez family had prepared a really yummy meal.  Then for dessert, Elder Arnold & Hermana Perez each received a mini cake (complete with trick candles  :)  )
Happy Birthday, Hermana Perez!

The Birthday Celebration for Elder Arnold & Hermana Perez

We sang Happy Birthday to them in spanish and english and had such a fun time.  I love birthdays!  Every time there was a moment of silence during the day while walking to & from our lessons, I would say “Hermana sabe que? …. “Feliz Cumpleanos!’  (Guess what? … Happy Birthday!)  Haha  We both enjoyed a great day together.

Then later in the week we had a zone conference with the mission president and his wife.  It was a really inspiring meeting and I learned a lot from their talks.  I also received a package :) But the mission president has asked that we don’t send packages with images of the virgin - so if you’re going to send me something, just be sure it doesn’t have any mages or pictures covering the outside.  Thank you.  I love hearing from everyone and staying up to date on what’s going on in your lives.  So please email me if you want to keep in contact.  kiley.eliason@myldsmail.net  

Then on Saturday, 5 people got baptized!  We all went to the stake center and the missionaries (22 of us in total) sang a musical number.  I was so happy for these investigators that made the decision to be baptized and it was a great experience because one of our own investigators, named Caro, accompanied us to see what a baptismal service is like.  She said she felt at peace and really enjoyed the program.  Baptism is such an important step in our lives because it is a covenant (or a promise) that we make with God to be obedient and follow his commandments.

Hermana Perez and I have been working really well together.  Our visits and lessons went well this week and I am really happy.  I love each day here and continue learning more and more.  One quote I read this week that I really liked was, “There are only 2 days in the year in which you can do nothing.  The first is called yesterday, and the second is called tomorrow.”  Today is our day to change for the better.  Sometimes I find myself dwelling too much on things of the past or contemplating too much on things to come in the future, that I forget to enjoy today.  I like to ask myself what I am doing now to reach my true potential and achieve my goals.
Here I am with the mission
president's wife (Hermana Villareal)

Some random things that happened this week:
* Hermana Perez & I bought a star fruit out of curiosity, because neither of us knew what it tasted like.  It was actually really yummy (kind of had the texture of a peach).
* I bought chili shampoo - in hopes that I won’t be losing as much hair.  The water here has lots of chemicals and from walking under the sun all day, my hair isn’t too happy.
* I think my new craving is Jello!  hahah  Every night during planning before bed, I eat a cup of strawberry and peach Jello  :)

All in all, everything is superb.  I am healthy, and happy and hope you all are as well!

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Eliason

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