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Monday, October 13, 2014

HOLA mi familia y amigos!

HOLA mi familia y amigos!

I experienced a great week and it seemed to fly by!  I am seeing the hand of the Lord in everything here!  For example, on Monday we used a taxi to arrive at the house after eating lunch in the Elder's area (pretty far away) and since we "contacted" the taxi man and were talking to him about the gospel, he didn't charge us.  He said he would await a visit from the missionaries and read the pamphlet we gave him!  There are people all around us that are ready and anxious to receive the truths of the restored gospel.  I know if we do our part, the Lord will help us encounter those who are willing / wanting to hear this message.

Tuesday we had our first district meeting and I have the same district leader from Fresnillo, Zacatecas.   Elder Luciano and his companion, Elder Summers, are the only two elders in our district, but then there is Hermana Nakken and Hermana Hernandez; so there's 6 of us in total and we all get along well together.

Exchanges with Hermana Nakken 
On Wednesday, I spent the day with Hermana Nakken in her area (my first exchange with one of the sisters as the Sister Training Leader).  It was fantastic!  Hermana Nakken is an outgoing and optimistic missionary from Cedar, Utah.  We clicked so easily and had an awesome day together.  I learned a lot from the exchange and I love seeing how other missionaries teach.  It gives me ideas on how I can improve, but as their leader I also have to be setting an example and give them counsel.  During the day we taught some excellent people and I could really feel the Sprit in the lessons.  Hermana Nakken and I are crazy similar and became close friends during the 24 hours together.  :)

Thursday went really well, until we returned home in the evening and discovered there was no electricity!  So we bought two candles to use for the evening and that was fun.  :)  We planned to visit the Centro in the morning and pay the electricity bill that was due.

Early Friday morning I went to a part of the Centro of San Luis and was amazed and in awe!  All the old stone buildings and old Catholic churches made me feel like I was somewhere in Europe.  There were cobble stone streets, fountains, statues, and several beautiful gardens we saw.  I loved the atmosphere and Hermana Mora and I snapped several photos.

On Saturday things went well and we taught several great lessons.

On Sunday we had 3 investigators come to church! It was so amazing to see them feel the Spirit (especially because this week was fast and testimony meeting).  I am so excited when I can see others learning!

Today was my birthday!! It was the BEST day! Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who took part in writing me a note or a letter I felt so loved and couldn't stop smiling all day Hermana Mora and I went to the Centro and took a short 50 min. tour of the city and saw a ton of historical sites and old buildings We bought banana splits to celebrate and just had a fun time together. 

Happy Birthday Banana Split with Hermana Mora

I miss you all and cannot express my gratitude and love for each one of you!!!


Hermana Eliason

[Kiley sent a lot of pictures this week that I have included for your viewing pleasure below.  "All of these photos are from downtown or the Centro! IT IS SO AMAZING!!!  I seriously felt like I was in Europe!  The architecture is great"]

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  1. Beautiful buildings! Happy Birthday, Kiley! Hope you're enjoying your birthday with some friends!