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Monday, October 27, 2014

Teaching People, not just lessons :)

On Monday, I felt like I was back home, because Hermana Mora & I worked outside in our garden!  We did a lot of sweeping and cleaning up & it's so adorable now.  We have some pink flowers, a lemon tree & other plants.  

Our lemon tree in the front yard/patio
We ate out with a member family and I must tell you that for $4.50 I was served soup, beans, rice, chicken with cactus & lettuce, bread or tortillas, and dessert!  I am really going to miss these prices!  In the evening we visited the Toledo family and taught them about the Word of Wisdom and how important it is to take care of our bodies.  It was great because their aunt (who isn't a member) was in town visiting from Los Angeles, California and when we likened our bodies to a temple, she said, "Oh, I've seen the temple in L.A., it's so beautiful."  We told her that when she returns next week, she can go to the Visitors Center of the temple - which I invite everyone to do back home too, if they want to learn more about the Church or the temple.

On Tuesday, all of our lessons were with investigators, because we have so many people to teach.  It's just so awesome when the ward members are active and involved, because then we can work with them to fellowship those investigating the church.  :)  I love seeing these investigators progress!  It's the best feeling when you see something "click" or make sense to them, and they're learning.  I am so happy here.

We did exchanges on Wednesday, and I spent the day with Hermana Morales in her area.  She has 16 months in the mission and in December will be going back home to Sonora, Mexico.  We just had a fantastic day together.  She used to be a Sister Training Leader and I felt like we were on the same wave-length.  She and I taught a lot of lessons and contacted a lot of people in her area.  One thing I won't forget her saying is, "Hermana Eliason, the mission will literally fly by and be over before you know it.  Enjoy each day here."  And it is so true!  I remember, back in April, when she was in my zone and we all went out to eat pizza together - that's when she had 10 months in the mission (which is how much I have right now!)  CRAZY!

On another note, it's fun to see a lot of people putting up decorations for Halloween :)  Lots of stores are selling masks, jack-o-lanterns, and candy.  And it just started getting chilly here, so it really feels like Fall to me.

Then on Thursday, we taught Jose Guadalupe with his neighbor Irma (who both have a date to be baptized in November!)  They both have such pure hearts and I love helping them learn.  In the evening, we visited another investigator named Corina.  She's 22 and very smart - majoring in mathematics at the University.  So, she's able to grasp the lessons we teach really well, but then asks super deep questions.  I know that if she reads the Book of Mormon, she will gain such a strong testimony that what we're teaching her is true.  The Book of Mormon is so incredible and can answer all the questions we have!   I invite and wish everyone could read the Book of Mormon.

Friday, two other investigators accepted a baptismal date for late November!  During a lesson with an investigator, all the little girls (her nieces and daughters) were intrigued by my hair and english speaking abilities.  In this house there are literally, like 15 little girls between the ages of 2-12 years old!  It is a house shared by the whole family and there's always tons of people!   haha  But the mom/aunt kept telling the girls to leave me alone, because during the lesson two or three of them were running their fingers through my hair - which of course attracted the attention of the others who then also wanted to touch my hair!  :)  haha  They are all super cute  (I'll be sure to take a picture with them next time).

Saturday flew by!  In the morning, Hermana Mora looked at me funny as I ate 3 tomatoes raw, and I had to explain to her that I missed eating raw tomatoes from my Mom's garden  haha  :)  I found out that in Ecuador, she used to eat turtle, until it recently was outlawed!  Hermana Mora has explained a lot to me about the different food and culture of Ecuador.  In the middle of the night we had the time change, and got to sleep an extra hour - which was GLORIOUS!    I can't wait to take naps again  :)

On Sunday, we had several investigators attend and everything went well.  I have gotten to know almost everyone in this ward and I think they're all so great.  At lunch, we ate with a member family and, get this, the dad (in his late 20's) trained a missionary from Chino!  He said his name was Thomas Simons, but it doesn't ring a bell - however, it made me realize what a small world [this is]!  Then we visited this amazing family we've been teaching.  The dad (Teodulo) makes / bakes bread from home, and we got to see him in action.  It was way cool!  He has the huge brick oven and let us make our own personal breads.  :)  His wife (Maria) is so thoughtful, and their son (Pedro) is super intelligent and grasps the concepts of all the lessons so well.  I love their family.

Our investigator Teodulo in the process of baking

Here I am before making my work of art
(I won't have the finished product till later today)

I'm doing great here and starting to bundle up for the cold we started feeling this week.  I hope everyone back home enjoys Halloween and the last days of October!  Where is the time going?!  I'll be sure to include lots of pics of the Day of the Dead, which will be celebrated here next Sunday  :)

Thank you for all your prayers, love and support!

Hermana Eliason

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