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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Miracles

Monday we exercised at the Tongamanga Park again!  It felt so good to have a real work-out  :)  Then after cleaning the house, washing some clothes, and our daily studies, we went to the Capital.  All the stores have started putting up Christmas decorations and Hermana Mora and I encountered 2 huge Christmas Trees.  I LOVE the month of December!  We ate lunch at Subway and had a fun day together.  Hermana Mora is such good company and we get along so well.  I love making her laugh.  In the evening, we taught Corina (an investigator) more about the Plan of Salvation.  !!  She started crying and I probably gave her 20 hugs!  :)  It was very special.
When Hermana Perez and I saw each other at the central!!! note: her puffy eyes from crying...cute thing
Oh, and Hermana Perez & her companion were at the bus central because they needed to drop something off with the other STLs (Sister Trainer Leaders).  But it was SO GREAT to see her

On Tuesday, we taught a recent convert who owns a small jewelry store.  She lives next door to her shop, so she invited us to eat a late breakfast with her and we all enjoyed scrambled eggs with quesadillas & orange juice.  Her name is Xochitl (pronounced so-che-E), and she is super sweet.  Then we went to teach Lulu in her hair salon.  Lulu had a client that was getting her hair highlighted, but while the dye was setting they both participated in a short, but spiritual lesson.  At the end, the client said, "Can you come and teach me at my house too?"  :)  In the evening, we took the bus to Aguascalientes - since tomorrow is the first Wednesday of the month.  I was so happy to actually fall asleep & not get too car-sick.

Sister Brannelly, Sister Crosby and I spelling the word ONE! because this week we complete ONE YEAR in the mission!!

In the morning before the Counsel Meeting with all the leaders & the President, we all ate breakfast.  It was fun to catch up with the other STLs.  Hermana Crosby, Hermana Brannelly & I took some photos for our 1 year mark that's coming up next week!  ! 

In the meeting, we talked about several topics, but one in specific that I loved was the "He is the Gift" plan that the Church has created to help everyone remember the true meaning of Christmas this year.  It is the short video I shared on my FaceBook page.  Fun facts:  the Church bought one of the big TV spots on one of the main corners in Time Square, NYC that displays the "He is the Gift" image with the link that invites everyone to visit christmas.mormon.org.  Oh, and the Church also bought one of the main video spaces on the opening page of YouTube that shows the video!  So cool, right?! After the incredible meeting, we all ate lunch, took photos & headed back on the buses.  We all received so much mail & packages for Christmas.  I LOVE the advent calendar that my Mom made, because each day leading up to Christmas Day has a scripture, a hymn, a photo and a cute quote.  <3
It is so crazy how the time flies.

On Thursday, we visited several investigators.  Jose Guadalupe has his baptismal date set for next Friday!  And Lulu is trying to prepare for her baptism on the 19th, and then today Teodulo & Maria accepted a baptism date for the 26th!!  So, if all goes according to plan, we should be seeing lots of baptisms this month  :)
Here are some of the other STLs in the Colina house!

The Zone Meeting on Friday went well.  I taught the zone about the importance of setting goals.  I learned that aside from having goals, we also must make plans that will help us achieve those goals.  Oh, and in Spanish, goal = meta  and we learned that a goal must be:

  •           M  =  medible  (measurable)
  •           E  =  escrito  (written)
  •           T  =  tiempo  (given a specific time)
  •           A  =  alcanzable  (reachable)

If we all want to improve or change for the better, it is SO important to set goals.

In the afternoon / evening, we visited several investigators.
Heremana Mora and I

Saturday went really well!  We had several members accompany us with some of our investigators throughout the day.  In the evening, we visited Teodulo & Maria with a member named Claudia.  (Claudia got baptized 4 years ago and now is the seminary teacher.)  Since Sunday is the fast & testimony meeting, we decided to explain about fasting and tithing.  Hermana Mora and I were a bit nervous, but also anxious to see their reaction.  After explaining why we pay tithing & why it's important to fast, I felt at peace.  Although Teodulo & Maria didn't seem too excited about the idea, we could all feel the Spirit and they promised to come to church.
This was a little village that was set up in one of the houses we passed by! It is looking a lot like Christmas here!

Church was SOOOO GREAT!  The Bishop announced Jose Guadalupe's baptism that will take place this upcoming Friday, and Teodulo & Maria attended the Sacrament Meeting.  Before leaving after the first hour, Teodulo asked me if he could pay his tithing!  I was so touched by his faith and desire to complete [comply?] with the law of tithing, even thought he isn't a member yet!  I showed him & his wife how to fill out the tithing slip and then with big smiles, they gave their tithing envelope to the Bishop.  It was so incredible!  In the evening, we watched the Christmas devotional and I just felt great.  I love December!

All in all, a FANTASTIC week!

Thank you all for your love and support.

Hermana Eliason

Hermana Dibuje and I

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