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Monday, May 25, 2015

David A. Bednar Visits!

So, P-day was a lot of fun because we went to the mine.  

The mine was a big source of gold and silver and other minerals here (called the Mine of Eden).  

It was fun to learn and explore the mine. (We were in the 4th of the 7 levels.)  

Afterwards, we ate the famous Gigantic Hamburgers - and I couldn't finish because it was seriously a MONSTER!  

Then in the evening we taught the Sanchez family about the importance of prophets and having the same organization of the church as in the times of Christ with a prophet and 12 apostles.  They are really great and receptive.  Then we talked with Alejandro about obedience.  "If ye love me, keep my commandments." [John 14:15]  It's actually super simple - if we truly love God, we will do whatever it takes to obey Him.

Eating at the famous Gigantic Hamburgers
Tuesday, Hermana Cuque and I woke up at 4:00am to arrive at the church in Mineros at 5:00am and then take a bus with our whole zone of Zacatecas (and also the zone of Fresnillo) to San Luis Potosi.  We arrived around 8:30am and for the first and only time in the mission, ALL the missionaries were gathered together to hear David A. Bednar speak to us!!  We were about 200 in number and took a group photo with the Apostle Bednar before he spoke with us.  

It was an incredible afternoon and the Spirit could be felt so strongly.  The meeting (that lasted about 3 hours) was similar to a question-answer discussion.  We had the opportunity to participate and Elder David A. Bednar has a gift of connecting with the youth.  We all were edified and uplifted by this once in a life-time experience that I will never forget.  

After the meeting, we had a few minutes before our busses left to take pictures.  I got to see and hug all of my former companions that are still in the mission, for the last time.  It was a bitter-sweet moment to see EVERYONE - all the sister missionaries and all the Elders I've ever associated with.  An excellent day for me.  

We arrived back in Zacatecas in time to visit Sofia, Fatima dn Corina and then Hermana Perrata.  The lessons were very special because we tried teaching in a better manner and could definitely feel the difference.  Elder Bednar shared with us the importance of asking inspired questions during lessons and not just talking on and on until our throat dries up.  When we are constantly talking, we aren't letting the Spirit to its job in "bringing the message unto the hearts" of others.

Here I am with ALL my companions that are still here in the mission!!! (Hna. Rivera, me, Perez, Flores, and Cuque)

On Wednesday, we taught Antonio and his sisters - who at first ignored us - have come to love us and fed us brunch.  When someone is consistently kind and friendly, it is hard to have enemies (something I've learned here).  Then in the evening we went to Morelos.  I know I say this every time, but I just love that little horse town!  The people, in general, are very humble and hospitable.  We taught Cristina and Jose about our pre-earth life (or where we came from).  They were super attentive and interested in this subject that they had never heard about before.  I personally love teaching about the Plan of Salvation because I can see the faces of others light up with joy, hope and understanding.
Thursday was overcast and cloudy, which allowed my skin to take a break from being sunburned.  After a delicious lunch with the Santoyo family, we taught a new investigator named Erica and her two teenage sons.  Erica is a lawyer and her sons, Adolfo (15) and Eric (14) compete in martial arts!  It was Erica's birthday the day before and they invited us to join them in a bowl of the left-over pozole!    Then we had a fantastic first lesson with them.  In our last lesson of the day with Alejandro we explained the Word of Wisdom.  He took it all well, except for his coffee ... but we'll be working on that.  :)  

In the Mine of Eden

Friday flew by way too fast!  We taught the Sanchez family (and thanks to Hermano Sanchez' birthday, the day before ... we were invited to another bowl of left-over pozole!)  Hermano Sanchez knows the Church is true and would be baptized, but he's not legally married to his wife.  And Hermana Sanchez still hasn't asked for herself in prayer if what we've taught is true, so doesn't want to get married until she's certain.
Cruz Torres amazed us again with the amount he had studied and read and researched at lds.org!  He's seriously more than the common 'golden investigator.'  Although he works full time all week; he wants to learn, and is willing to put forth the effort to do his homework.  He studies the scriptures, the pamphlets and listens to General Conference talks online to find the truth.  And as he continues finding his answers in our doctrine, he gets so excited and always shows us his pages of notes.
Me & Hermana Perez
Some of my closest friends, Hermana. Nakken and Hermana. Fullmer
(they can both make me laugh SO hard and they both are from Utah!
All day Saturday, Hermana Marien was with us visiting and teaching others.  At the end of the day (after we had walked a ton) she asked us, "How can you guys do this every day?  I'm exhausted!"  haha.

We talked with Sofia and Fatima about the Great Apostasy and the Restoration, then watched the 20 minute video about Joseph Smith.  They both really liked it and are progressing really well.  :)

Sunday flew by and in the evening I taught the entire first lesson to a guy in English!  He lived in Texas and spoke perfect English and had taken a religion class that left him with confusion about Mormons.  As we spoke, he became more and more interested and said he wanted to come to church with us to see what we believe in and what we do.  We also left him 2 pamphlets to read.  It was so great!

Like always, it was an incredible week!  I love the mission and being a missionary  :)  I love you all and am grateful for all the prayers and support I've received from my dear friends and family members.
You guys are the best!!  Can't wait to see ya soon!
~love always,
Hermana Eliason

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Me & Hermana Rivera

Mine of Eden

Mine of Eden

Mine of Eden

Mine of Eden

Mine of Eden

Mine of Eden

Mine of Eden

Mine of Eden
Mine of Eden

Mine of Eden

Mine of Eden

Mine of Eden

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