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Monday, May 11, 2015

Got Hare? / Happy Mother's Day!

Monday was another laid-back P-day for Hermana Cuque and I.  We deep cleaned the apartment, found a new healthy place to eat called Natura, and did some window shopping.  After email time, we bought some things for the apartment and set off to work.  We taught a husband and wife, who accepted everything we explained, but aren't willing to continue listening because they "will never change religions."  It was sad to see older people who understood and believed in what we shared, but because of deeply-rooted traditions, would truly never make the changes necessary to follow the truth.  We always must be open-minded and humble to self-reflect and put ourselves in harmony with God's will.
Me with Hermano Leopoldo (notice that he is sitting
down in his chair cause he can´t stand up)

On Tuesday, we visited Eriberto!  He confirmed to us that on Sunday he had received the Aaronic Priesthood!  He continues improving and learning so much.  :)  On our way to our appointment with Juan Jose, I contacted a man selling strawberries!  Is it strawberry season?  I have no idea - but they were red and juicy and made me think of the strawberry fields back home.  In the evening we met with a 16 year old recent convert named, Arath, who just moved here from another state.  His conversion story was really similar to Eriberto's and his enthusiasm about the gospel made me excited to continue teaching him.  I love seeing the miraculous changes that the gospel works in others and myself.

Then, when we went with a less active member, Martin, I thought of my dad because, like him, Martin LOVES to run.  Each day he has a different hilly route that he does and told us that he can run from the cathedral (in the bottom of the valley) to the top of the Bufa in about 10 minutes!! Crazy!

Wednesday was special because Hermana Cuque and I received a very interesting gift from one of our investigators named Antonio.  When he was younger, he lived in the dessert and always has interesting stories to share.  Now that he's in his late 60's and, due to a stroke, can't move the left side of his body, he never leaves his house.  At the end of the lesson, he said he had a surprise for us and sent his niece to bring us the "gift".  A minute later I was handed a dead, skinned and frozen wild hare in a plastic bag!  haha  Apparently, rabbit was one of his favorite foods and a "dessert friend" of his had brought it to him - but since he wanted to show appreciation for our visits ... we ended up walking home with the poor thing  (eyes, teeth & a little of the cotton-tail still attached).  Hermana Cuque and I had no idea what to do with it (or how to cook it if we had wanted), so after a couple of photos, it was carefully disposed of.  :)

The "Wild Hare" gift!

Thursday flew by.  We ate lunch with the Bishop at the church because he actually lives on a ranch on the outskirts of the city about 40 minutes away.  He is a very kind man who was baptized 8 years ago with his wife.

In the evening we taught Alejandro, who is progressing and reached page 300 in the Book of Mormon!  We are praying that he will be baptized at the end of this month, or the first week of June.  He is in a band with several older men who sing classic rock in English and Spanish.  He played us one song and they actually sound pretty good.  :)

Me and Hermana Hernandez
On Friday we had the zone meeting for the month of May.  One of the Zone Leaders told us that our real goal for everyone is the temple and not just the baptismal font.  I liked that.  We should always be teaching and inviting members, less actives, converts and investigators to prepare to go to the temple.   I love the temple and can't wait to visit the nearby temples back home.  After the Zone Meeting, we had exchanges with the STL's (Sister Trainer Leaders).  It was my last time having exchanges and I enjoyed the evening with Hermana Hernandez.  She and I were in 2 of the monthly councils with the Mission President (she was with Hermana Brannelly and I was with Hermana Rivera), so we were already friends.  :)  We had an excellent lesson with Cruz Torres, who had read his pamphlet and advanced in his reading of the Book of Mormon.  He quickly understands all that we teach him and truly wants to learn the truth.  We also encountered 3 new investigators that were very friendly and receptive.  All in all, we had a fantastic and successful day.

Saturday morning after teaching Juan Jose, we finished the exchanges and met back up with our companions.  It is kinda weird to hear people make comments about my work ethic, as if I've already finished the mission, such as "Thank you Hermana Eliason for all the work you've done and the example you've been."  I think to myself, "But I'm not done yet!  I still have 4 more weeks!"  When others ask me how long I've been in the mission and I reply 17 months, they look at me with excitement and tell me "I'm almost done."  But as I near the end of my mission, there are a lot of mixed emotions.

After lunch, Hermana Cuque and I taught Crista with Hermana Marlen.  Crista is already half way through with the Book of Mormon and loves to read, so it was a pleasant surprise when she started telling us how much she enjoyed reading the Book of Mormon and also the pamphlet of the Family Proclamation we had given her.  She accepted a baptismal date for the middle of June and is progressing rapidly!

Sunday was a beautiful day.  I gave one of the main talks in the Sacrament meeting and Alejandro and Antonio came to church.  We wished all the women a Happy Mother's Day and in the evening Skyped our families.  :)  It was so FUN to chat with my Mom, Dad, siblings, aunts, uncle and cousins!  They made me laugh so much and the time we had talking together flew by too fast!  I have been so blessed with my family and I love them and miss being with them.  They are my best friends and am grateful for all they have taught me.

I would also like to express my gratitude for all my other family members and friends that have been so supportive.  Each Monday, my inbox is flooded with emails of love, encouragement, and some of life's happy updates from these family members and close friends.

I love you all!

~Hermana Eliason

[Kiley will be giving her homecoming talk,

Sunday, June 14th at 9:00am
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
3354 Eucalyptus Ave
Chino Hills, CA

*Note:  there are two buildings in the same parking lot.  She will be speaking in the Stake Center; the larger of the two buildings and the one furthest from the corner.]

Here is what the outskirts of the city look like :) run down or half built houses in dirt roads with stray dogs ;)

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