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Monday, February 3, 2014

Adjusting and loving life!

This week went by SUPER fast! 

On Monday after cleaning all my clothes by hand, we went to the center of town to buy a backpack and some groceries. We really don't need to go to the grocery store much though, because it is like a farmer's market, swap meet, and garage sale all day, every day here!  The streets always have vendors trying to sell things for super cheap!

On Tuesday, I taught a lesson all by myself in Spanish for about 15 minutes to my district!  I felt like a two year old because I've only been here 2 weeks and they are all fluent natives!  But my companion said I did well. We had lunch at a member's house and ate the usual - beans, rice, tortillas, and some sort of mystery meat!  And for dessert we had an orange with chili powder. I actually really liked it!  It was a spicy yet sweet taste!

On Wednesday, as we were walking home from an appointment, I heard a baby crying.  When we turned a corner, I looked to see where the crying was coming from ... but it wasn't a baby!  It was a little lamb on top of some person's roof!  haha   I was crying because I was laughing so hard with Hermana Ortiz whenever it would bleat (is that the right word?)  There are tons of animals here!

On Thursday, we watched the movie called The Testaments with one of our investigators. The Spirit was so strong and, yes, I did cry!  The people are amazing here. God truly is preparing the hearts and minds of the people to accept our message about Jesus Christ and the Restored Gospel. We have picked up three new investigators. And the timing has been no coincidence!  One of our new investigators named Salvador lived in Utah for 25 years, read the entire Book of Mormon, has a testimony that this is the true church, goes to church, prays, and even pays tithing!  He had to return to Mexico 3 years ago because his mom is sick and he doesn't have his papers. He hasn't been baptized because he knows it is a big commitment and is nervous that he isn't ready. But hopefully this week we can visit with him more.

On Friday, we met with more investigators and encountered two new people in the streets.  I am learning more and more Spanish every day. My companion has a lot of patience with me, and helps me a lot.  I am starting to speak more in the lessons and the conjugations of all the verbs are still difficult, but coming along as well.
Me & my companion Hermana Ortiz

On Saturday, we watched The Other Side Of Heaven! Wow- love that movie. We watched it with a recently converted family and it was super powerful and also fun!

On Saturday, I was a little sick and chugged down my Pepto Bismol. No bueno!  Lots of the food here is new and giving my stomach a rough time. Plus it is considered disrespectful if we don't eat ALL of the food that a member offers to us when we eat at their house. 

On Sunday, we fasted and I almost died of thirst!  I crave water all the time here and there hardly is any!  Plus it is windy, so my mouth dries out and I feel like I can drink an entire swimming pool!


Here I am enjoying a few puppies!

Our elegant room
*It gets really cold here at night but is really warm during the day. Also very windy. No bugs! Thank goodness, but my companion said there are cockroaches in Aguascalientes because of the climate! But here I am safe from nasty big bugs! So I am super grateful
Boots, belt buckles & hats are super
popular here among the men
Old colonial structures here in Fresnillos are super cool!

I am doing great - definitely learning to have patience with the language, but I am being forced to learn quickly (which is nice). I am also getting sunburned almost every day, so soon I won´t be so white anymore! I am adjusting to all the new ways of life here and the Lord is humbling me, for sure.

I love you all and am so grateful for your support and prayers. 

'Till next week

Hermana Eliason

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