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Monday, February 24, 2014

Traveling around Mexico!

This week was so fun!

On Tuesday I had to travel to Aguascalientes (a 3 hour bus ride) to complete some immigration papers. I went with a couple of other Americans, and it was actually really weird for me to hear and speak in english for the day! The city of Aguascalientes is way different from my area in Fresnillos, Zacatecas.  It is much more developed and modern, with paved streets and tall buildings - oh and some restaurants I actually recognized like Jack in the Box and McDonalds.

On Thursday my companion and I had a meeting in the city of Zacatecas (only an hour bus ride). The buses are like riding the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland! Super bumpy but kind of fun and exciting :) Zacatecas was beautiful and more colonial- and the entire city is built on hills! Lots of exercise and stairs!

GREAT news! Our investigator Victor accepted the invitation to baptized next month! He is so sincere and interested in the church and works at the local silver mine. We also gained a new investigator named Carlos, so this week I felt the Spirit so strongly in our lessons!

This week we also attended a baptismal service for an investigator of the Elders in our area. Although the electricity was out in the church building, everything went well. We had to call a truck that had a big tank of water on the back, to come fill up the baptismal font - so the water was a bit chilly. And since the service was at 6:30 pm, it really didn't start until 7:00 pm, which meant it was dark. We used one of the elder's flashlights to see the speakers, but the Spirit was really strong regardless! I loved hearing the testimony of the investigator after she was baptized. She said she felt to happy and clean :) I love this work!

This week I was under the weather and a little sick; not too bad though - I think it was because it is super windy and dusty here. But I am all better now and just a little sun burned ;)

Oh, one night for dinner we stopped by a little shack where a lady had been making GIANT hamburgers for over 30 years! It was so cool to see her prepare them and we talked to her about the church while she was making them ... so extra bonus! They were delicious and the next morning I couldn't even eat breakfast because I was so full!

Church was amazing this Sunday! Victor showed up, and we sat near the front; which was also a bonus for me because I could hear and understand the speakers better. Then, afterwards we ate lunch at a member's house and she showed us how she made fresh flower tortillas.  She made the dough, rolled them out, cooked them, and they were delicious!

We continue to teach the people here everyday and I love it! My Spanish continues to improve but "language is not a barrier to love!" SO TRUE!

I love you all and hope all continues to go well!

Hermana Eliason

[We asked Kiley a few questions that may be of interest to everyone...

Do you have running water for your showers?  You mentioned once that you take two bucket showers - are they cold? 
Yes we finally have some running water for our showers in the mornings! A man came by and "fixed" the problem. Usually it is warm but I have definitely learned how to shower really quickly. Also they don't use conditioner here, so i only have shampoo. But since I don't blow-dry or straighten my hair, it is pretty healthy ;)

Do you feel safe as you walk around?
Yes I feel safe as i walk around, but in all honesty, EVERYONE stares at me. I am thee only white person around and usually Hermana Ortiz and I get a lot of whistles or comments...but they dont bother me and I feel safe.

What does a typical breakfast / lunch / dinner look like?
Everyday for breakfast I either have cereal or oatmeal! yum! Lunch is with the members; which 90 percent of the time consists of beans, rice, LOTS of meat of some kind, and sugar water. I am drinking lots of natural water though, so don't worry! Dinner is usually a sandwich or another bowl of cereal :)

Do the people look more European or more typically Mexican?
The people are legit Mexicans! No european resemblance whatsoever! Maybe in Aguascalientes or other parts, but here in Fresnillo it is very hispanic.

Have you gotten any letters from the states yet (except dearelder.com ones)?
I haven't gotten any letters or packages from the states yet...still waiting :( But I do get a lot of emails each week, so thats exciting!

Are there any customs that may be of interest to us?
Customs...hmmm everyone kisses each other on the cheek to greet one another. We have had a couple close encounters with some men trying to salud us with a kiss, but Ive dodged them each time ;)haha But its kinda fun with the women!]

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  1. This is such a learning experience for you...and anyone that is able to follow you! And that is one BIG hamburger! hahahaha!

    Glad you got a bit of running water! That should make it a tad bit nicer for you. What we take for granted!