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Monday, February 10, 2014

Hospital (don't worry, not for me)

This week we made several trips to the hospital. The first time was for my companion, Hermana Ortiz, because she was experiencing pain in her mouth from her molars. We arrived right when the hospital opened at 7:30am and were given the number 49! The consults here are free, but you have to arrive super early and wait until your number is called. In any case, we waited for over 3 hours! But at least I got to study up on the spanish and practice with Hermana Ortiz. She received some medicine and another appointment for next week.

Me with a local donkey
The second visit to the hospital later in the week was for another Hermana who has been experiencing kidney problems (because she rarely drinks water and has been having kidney stones and inflammation) Ouch! Hermana Ortiz and I accompanied them to their appointments and they stayed in our small house for two nights, since they were from another city about an hour away. It was fun to have some company, but due to the extra people and appointments we hardly got any sleep and I have been exhausted! 

Oh I have a new favorite fruit! Guayabas! I am addicted to them and we bought about two dozen the other day along with all of our other fresh fruits and vegetables! The mangos, avocados, tomatoes, and bananas are fantastic here!

My spanish is improving and I am participating more and more in each lesson. In fact, I led four of the lessons this week! The people here are so patient with me and love it when I try to communicate with them; even though I mess up a ton. But, I truly can feel the love from our investigators, members, and the other native missionaries. 

Today was awesome! It was preparation day and our entire zone got together for a fun filled day! We walked up to the Fresnillos silver mine and took a tour.

Fresnillos Silver Mine Tour
We walked through the entire mine, which was over half a mile long underground! It was at an incline, so we ended up on top of the mine/mountain and had an amazing view of the city.

 Then on the decent down the mountain, we got to see a ton of animals! It was literally a mini zoo and we were walking over the exhibits on wiggly wooden bridges. I saw tigers, bears, water buffalo, bob cats, tons of birds, and much more! Then we all went out to lunch and ate pizza :)

I miss random things sometimes- like being able to take a nap in the middle of the day, a warm bath, jumping on a trampoline, watching a movie with the family, etc. But I am having fun here and try to make the most out of every day!

Me & my companion, Hermana Ortiz
My companion and I are adjusting to the language barrier but I am learning the importance of communication for sure. My brain is mentally drained all the time, but I learn so much each day. My testimony is strengthened each day because Heavenly Father and the Holy Ghost have become my closest friends. 

Oh we watched The Other Side of Heaven the other day. What an incredible movie! My mission must seem like a vacation to the main character who served in Tonga. You and the family definitely need to watch it!
This is what the streets are like here - tons of clothes!

I hope all is well and I appreciate all the love and support I receive! Thank you so much!

Hermana Eliason

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