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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It's Time to CELEBRATE !

This week was SO much fun!

Mexican Independence Day !

On Monday night, after our visits, we went to the house of the Arondondo family for a dinner celebration with some other members from the ward.  We ate traditional pozole (a type of soup) and just enjoyed each other's company.  I don't know how to describe it, but it feels like I've know these people for years!  They are our close friends and there is definitely a special connection between those we've come to know, Hermana Perez and I.  I love each one of them and get so excited when I see them.

Then on Tuesday (the Independence day of Mexico), Hermana Perez and I dressed very patriotic in our green and red skirts and white blouses and got a lot of compliments throughout the day.  :)  In the afternoon, our whole ward got together at the church building to celebrate!  There was music, food (carne asada!!)  and everyone was happy and smiling.  The little kids were running around, giggling and playing on the basketball court. 
Here we are with our investigator, Diana

We had an investigator named Diana show up, and it was great to see her make new friends and feel included so quickly by all the other ward members.    Afterwards, we visited several families and had some powerful lessons.  Hermana Perez and I work so well together and I love feeling the Spirit when we teach with unity.  On the way home we bought tamales and elotes - which is super common food to celebrate and is really yummy.
A W E S O M E   D A Y  

On Wednesday it was overcast most of the day and rained a little while we were visiting our Relief Society President, Hermana Villalobos.  Last week she took a pretty bad fall on her knees, so it hurts her to walk and they're all bruised and swollen.  We helped her for an hour or two and it sounds crazy, but I actually miss cleaning a lot.  At the house, Hermana Perez and I are neat & tidy, so there isn't much work to do on P-days in regards to the house.  But while helping Hermana Villalobos, it made me remember Saturday mornings when my whole family would work together for a couple of hours in our yard or specific part of our home.  At the time it didn't seem too fun, but now it's something that I genuinely miss - my family and I working together  
Diana, Citlali & me

On Thursday, we had some really great lessons with our investigators.  My current favorite subject is the Plan of Salvation.  Hermana Perez and I found an article in the Liahona ( https://www.lds.org/liahona?lang=eng ) that had pictures for each stage, and made cut-outs to use in our lessons.  It has been a lot easier for the investigators to learn with some sort of visual.  Oh, and in one of our lessons with Miguel, we told him we were going to sing a musical number for his baptism, and he got all excited and told me I sing like the princess from Enchanted
! haha  That made me laugh  :)

Friday was a blast
!  In the morning we got together as a district in the Stake Center to learn more about the Church's program for those who are unemployed and looking for work.  This program could really help a lot of people - members and investigators.  
My district meeting
Then we enjoyed a yummy lunch at the house of Hermana Maribel for Elder Morales' birthday.  Afterwards we made several visits that went well - including a visit with Sinai Romero (a less active) who invited us to have ice cream in a melon before we left.  It was super yummy!!  
Eating melon with ice cream - super yummy !!
And in the evening we had our "Noche Mexicana !"  A lot of people showed up (including 4 investigators) and we watched the young men & women perform a beautiful traditional dance.  Then people sang karaoke, socialized and ate.  When everyone was singing the Mexican national anthem, I just smiled and looked at the Elders, who didn't know the words either (Elder Arnold from Idaho and Elder Morales from Guatemala :) )  But it was a ton of fun, and everyone was dressed up in traditional clothing or red, green & white.
Here are the young men and women before starting their dance :)

Saturday we made several visits with our ward mission leader, Moroni.  Although we've made visits with members before, it was great to have a return missionary with us, because he knew all the lessons.  We finalized the plans and dates for the baptisms of Miguel and Alejandra (which will be on October 4th :) ) and they both are really excited.  I am too  :)

Hermana Perez with our investigator, Diana
Then on Sunday we had a new investigator named Diana attend church!  She said she loved it and stayed for all three hours (and even gave the closing prayer in Relief Society ! )  She is 18 and would like to be baptized, but is still living with her parents who are super Catholic and won't let her :/  But overall church went really well (right now all the children are practicing for the annual Primary Program next sunday ! )

Me with the daughter of Citlali (another investigator)
In the evening, we visited Hermana Lopez, who is a young mother of 7 and pregnant with her 8th and should be delivering any day now.  I found it interesting that after her 5th child, her husband took a course and they decided to deliver their children in their home.  When I asked why, she told me that after 2 or 3 children, the doctors pretty much force the moms to have a c-section; because the operation costs more.  So they save the trip to the hospital, the cost to deliver the baby, and a c-section operation.  Anywho, I love the Lopez family and all their children are so well behaved and polite.  :)

Today we ate lunch with Hermana Jacqueline (the member from France.)  I always love talking with her!  She has traveled all over, is fluent in 4 languages, and just so genuine!  I am going to miss this area when it is time to have changes.  I love missionary work and am so happy for this time in my life to preach the gospel to those here in Mexico.  I enjoy each day with Hermana Perez and continue learning SO much.  I know this gospel is true, and each day my testimony is strengthened.

I hope you all are doing well.  I keep you in my prayers and can't wait to see you again.

Love always,

Hermana Eliason

Random Photos to share:
Hermana Perez french braided my hair

Hermana Perez with her mellon & ice cream

Me, Hermana Perez, Citlali and her boyfriend

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