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Monday, September 15, 2014

SO much happened !

Although this week sped by super fast like all the rest, SO much happened! Well, first off, on Monday night and all of Tuesday I was too sick to leave and do our daily missionary visits, so Hermana Perez visited our investigators with Hermana Tere (a recent convert who is awesome!)  And I stayed at the house of Tere's mom with her little boy named Miguel.  I was supposed to be "resting" but Miguel is only 3 years old and would get bored of an activity after 5 minutes and run around the house saying "Alyson venga venga!!" (Which means Hermana Eliason come on!!) hahaha  So, we colored, played with blocks, visited a local park, ate lunch, and played with his toy cars ;) It was more like a babysitting day, but he is so stinkin' cute that I didn't have the heart to tell him no.  He was my companion for the day and we had fun.
This puppy was ADORABLE and fit into one of my hands, so
of course I had to take a picture with it  ;)

On Wednesday I didn't feel any better, and another visit to the doctor told me that my throat infection had spread to one of my ears, which caused a painful ear ache.  Bleh! I could not spend another day trapped indoors, so I took my antibiotics and left to go to work with Hermana Perez (who said in all of her prayers the past couple days "please bless Hermana Eliason so that she can recover and and teach with me.")  We both told each other that we love working together and she said she had really missed me in the lessons on Monday and Tuesday.  

Wednesday we also had an interview with the Mission President.  It was the 3rd interview I've had in the mission (usually every 3 months), so it was nice to talk with him.  He said my spanish was perfect and that most likely Hermana Perez and I will be having changes in 2 weeks, since she has finished her training and our area is stable. 
Hermana Perez and I with our matching Young Women's Medallions

On Thursday (still feeling groggy and weak) I went to work and was definitely strengthened by the Spirit to complete all of our visits.  Plus it is WAY easier to forget my pain and problems when I am focusing on others.  I love missionary work and helping others :)
This is Paula.  She is an awesome less-active we have been visiting.

Okay, so on Friday, after buying our healthy fruits and vegetables at Tianguis, Hermana Perez and I were walking back totally content until we realized that neither of us had keys to the house!   Ahh ... and it is almost impossible to do a break in ...  so we kindly asked our neighbors if we could ascend to their roof, walk over onto ours, and descend somehow into our patio area where we wash our clothes (because luckily we hadn't locked that door to the kitchen).  Me - being the tallest and most willing - was chosen.  And I don't want to scare anyone, so I won't go into the details ...  but just know that eventually we made it in, and it was definitely an adventure I won't soon forget ;) haha
Here I am with my umbrella, while it was pouring rain.
(half of my skirt is a different color because I was
soaking wet!)

We finally got permission after MONTHS to have little Alejandra baptized!! Her mom had always said she was "too young" and had to wait, although she meets the age of responsibility (8 years old) and has the biggest desire to be baptized.  She was so excited and has been attending church for years with her active grandmother.  When we told she could choose who would baptize her, she thought for a moment and then got a big grin on her face and said enthusiastically "I want Hermana Eliason to baptize me!" haha  It was so sweet, and we had to explain to her that Hermana Perez and I would be there for her on her special day, but that it was necessary that a man who held the Priesthood authority baptize her :)

I woke up feeling a better on Sunday and am so grateful that it was nothing major, and that I can continue working hard here with Hermana Perez in Boulevares.  I have so many other stories I wish I had time to tell But so much is happening and I am loving every minute Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying life Each day is such a gift 

Hermana Perez says I make the funniest faces & likes
to take pictures of my weird expressions ;) haha
I love making her laugh!!

This upcoming week should be really fun, because it is Mexico's Independence day tomorrow, and we will be having several fun church parties to celebrate! So hold on until next week for more stories and photos ;)

LOVE YOU ALL!!! Thank you so much for your prayers and support!

Hermana Eliason

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