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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

"The Hills Are Alive... With The Sound Of The Gospel"

So, during my first Monday here in Zacatecas, it didn't stop raining!  We returned home freezing cold and soaking wet, but had had a great day, nonetheless.  I'm so happy to be working with Hermana Mora again, and it feels like we were together just yesterday.  I love getting to know the area because it is absolutely beautiful.  Every road is rock or cobblestone and the colorful houses on the hillsides are tall and strong.  Although the scenery from the tops of the hills is breath-taking, it's very tiring at times to go up and down the steep streets all day.  Sometimes I feel like I'm mountain climbing, but Hermana Mora says I'll adjust and get used to it soon.

On Tuesday we had our first district meeting.  Our district is so tiny - just the Elders from our ward and us!  Elder Madsen is our district leader and his new companion, Elder Soto, only has 4 months in the mission.  They are pretty cool and we'll be seeing them almost every day because we eat together at the member's houses.  After the district meeting we ate, and continued working in the foggy weather.  I got to know some of the investigators, recent converts, and less actives in the area.  The people here are kind and welcoming - which makes me all the more ready to start serving and teaching them.

I wish I could just walk around with a GoPro and videotape the whole city

Here we are with Eriberto
Wednesday was great because the sun finally decided to come out!  I can't get over how incredible this city is!  I wish I could take a million pictures because it feels like I'm walking through an old movie!  We taught an investigator named Juan Jose who is most likely going to be baptized next week.  He is a great guy that works at the house of a member.  Also, we taught 19 year old Eriberto, who is progressing a lot - he promised us yesterday that he would finally take out his nose ring and he did!  Hopefully he also can be baptized in a couple weeks.  :)  Hermana Mora and I enjoyed a successful day together and bought ourselves an ice cream.  It's so fun to be working with a friend.

Thursday was a bright and sunny day as well.  It was weekly planning and Hermana Mora explained the investigators, converts, and members to me a little more.  I found out that our area is huge!  We even cover a small pueblito (town) 20 minutes outside the city!  We taught several lessons in the evening and encountered a new investigator :)

Friday was fun.  In the morning, we taught the laundry mat man - who was really receptive.  And also talked with Jose Juan about his baptism.  Since he is going to Mexico for the weekend, he isn't sure if he'll make it back in time for church Sunday morning.  We are praying that he'll come on Sunday to complete the required 5 times in church and be baptized next weekend.  The member that was supposed to feed us went on the ward temple trip and left us money to go eat where ever we wanted. The Elders and we decided on pizza and went to Dominos ... yum!  Afterwards, we taught a new investigator named Lili with her mom, Maria, and it went really well.  Then after teaching a recent convert, Hermana Mora and I stopped by the restaurant of a less active member.  It was the first time we had met her (also named Maria) and she told us her story of how she'd come to know the missionaries and get baptized.  Hermana Maria was so kind to us and fed us dinner.  She just moved here from Piedras Negras - which is about 12 hours away - and thanked us for stopping by.  Before heading home, we taught one last lesson, with a recent convert that came with us. I love that the members here go on visits with us to the home of investigators and less-actives.  Having another person present to bear testimony in the lessons really helps!

Here I am with Marlen. She's 19 & loves going with
Hermana Mora and me to visit people

On Saturday I felt like I was back in San Luis with Teodulo and Maria because we taught a man who also makes bread!  He and two of his nefews [nephews] were making the conchas as we taught them about the importance of a prophet.  They listened and participated, and made us take some bread fresh out of their brick oven before leaving.  In the evening we taught a new investigator named Juanita who is about 50 years old and has a sister who is a member.  She was really receptive and familiar with several of our beliefs that distinguish us from other religions.  In the late afternoon, we made more visits to investigators and headed home.  I have to admit, I was absolutely exhausted and while planning, I had to use a lot of white-out because my dosing-off made my handwriting unreadable!  Hermana Mora told me the first week is the hardest, so I'm hoping she's right.  :)

Here we are with the twins, Melonie and Emily
Sunday was my first time at the church with the ward.  We passed by for some investigators in the morning and the church services started at 10am.  Eriberto and another investigator named Alejandro came.  Church attendance was about 55 people in total - which is less than half of what I was used to in San Luis.  But it made it easier for me to meet everyone quickly and remember the majority of their names.  After the church services we ate at a member's house in Morelos (the town I mentioned about 20 minutes away in bus).  The member's name is Hermana Enrique, and she is so fun and sweet.  She has 5 kids - the oldest living in Utah, and the rest living with her (her two youngest daughters are twins: Melonie and Emily)  Then we made several more visits and arrived home right after 9:30pm.  Once again feeling utterly pooped, we planned quickly and went to bed.  It may be from how tired I've been, but this bed is definitely the softest and comfiest bed EVER! :) haha

I just got the best news EVER!!!  Hermana Rivera emailed me and said that Enriqueta and her 3 daughters and their dad all went to church this Sunday and are going to be baptized on Saturday! When I talked to the President this morning about my ecclesiastical endorsement he said I might be able to receive permission and go to their baptism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is truly incredible here! I wish I could show everyone around all my areas and all the places I have been. Time is flying by and I am so grateful to be a missionary and have learned so much! I love every second!  Hope everyone has an excellent week.  Here are some of the many pictures we've taken (and there will be lots more in weeks to come!)  

Love you all!

Hermana Eliason

[Kiley sent a bunch of photos "to give you a glimpse of my area"]

Me cooking asparagus- so healthy right? ;)


Eating with Hermana Mora

Hermana Mora & Hermana Eliason

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