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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Cultural Week!!

Here we are with Rosa and her new walker
Monday was quite the adventure because Hermana Mora and I practically spent the entire day in government buildings helping Rosa (who's 90 years old & lives by herself) receive a new walker.  By the end of it all, she was crying for joy ~ which made the 4-1/2 hours worth it.  More and more I realize how many people need help, and the responsibility we all have to fulfill those needs.     Rosa sits in her wheelchair all day with a dislocated shoulder and a fractured hip; sometimes in so much pain that she prefers not to eat so that she doesn't suffer in an attempt to make beans.  But what I love about Rosa and all the other people who are going through challenges (physically, emotionally, economically) is how humble they become and how grateful they are.  I hope we never loose sight of what truly matters ~ not how much money we have, how popular we are, or our career, but following the example of the Savior and helping one another.  One thing I love about the mission, is the happiness I have experienced in doing service.
This is what happens half of the time when we go up a steep hill ;)

Tuesday flew by after our district meeting.  We are teaching an investigator named Javier, who is 18 years old and super receptive.  He asks good questions and likes to learn; which is allowing him to progress quickly.  We invited him - as well as everyone else we are teaching - to go to the church building on Friday night to see the movie, Meet The Mormons.  The movie wasn't shown in theaters here, so the whole stake is getting together to watch it (which is a SCORE for me 'cause I'll get to see it for the 2nd time).

On Wednesday we talked to Juan Jose about his baptism date - since he was out of town Sunday, he would have to wait 'till next week to complete the 5 times in church, but next week is General Conference, so we had to postpone his baptismal service 'till April 11th.  But he's still excited nonetheless.  :)
Here I am in Morelos.  
(sorry about the definition of the camera- we took it at night)

In the evening we went to Morelos and visited an adorable family.  It's a husband & wife with their 7 year old boy and 5 year old girl.  They are such a happy and cute family - especially considering how small they are (the dad is under 5 foot!)  I love teaching them because they are open to new ideas and learning the truth.

Thursday was weekly planning again - which blows my mind how another week has gone by.  We taught Eriberto's younger brother, who is 17.  Although his dream is to become a professional rapper and he likes to show off his tongue piercing, he listened to us and sincerely liked what we taught.  We can "never judge a book by its cover."  We spent the day contacting a lot and visiting several other investigators.

This is where the famous singers perform at night

Friday was the first official day of the Cultural Week here in Zacatecas!  In honor of "Semana Santa" (or Holy Week) the whole downtown / center of the city gets closed for days of celebration.  A huge stage with bleachers and lights and big TV screens are set up for some famous singers to perform; while people from all around gather to enjoy the activities.  There are artists, dancers and stands selling just about anything anyone can imagine.  The closed streets make traffic atrocious and crowds of people push and squeeze past one another to get to their wanted destinations.

In the evening we watched Meet the Mormons and it was just as great as the first time.  Several converts and investigators came and enjoyed the movie as well.  I am so proud to be "Mormon" and to have grown up in the church with the righteous examples of my family members and leaders.  It is such a blessing to understand God's divine plan for His children and how we can find peace and joy in this life.

Saturday was a beautiful day.  I've taught several new investigators and contacted a lot of people.  We were given money to buy our own lunch, so I yielded to my craving and ate a waffle with Nutella and peanut butter.  And I must say, it was absolutely scrumptious.  It was the first time in the mission I had eaten a waffle. ~ I miss making waffles on Sunday mornings with my family. :)  At 6pm was the Relief Society Broadcast, which was really nice.  I especially liked the example of the soda can that's unopened and full of soda [that it] can't be crushed like an empty soda can.  Similarly, if our lives are "filled" with spiritual things, it is easy to resist the pressures of outside forces.
THEY GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Enriqueta, Ximena y Mariela
[from Kiley's last area]
Here they are with Hermana Rivera and Hermana Martinez

So on Sunday we had 3 investigators come to church.  :)  The meetings were uplifting and inspiring.  I am so excited for General Conference next week, and one of the talks was about the importance of listening to the voice of the latter-day prophet.  I am so grateful to have a prophet who receives revelation that leads and guides us on the path back to our Heavenly Father.  Something I've also come to appreciate here on the mission is the difference between watching General Conference at home or at church.  In both places we can hear the talks, but personally, I can concentrate and feel the Spirit so strongly while seated reverently in my church clothes in the sacrament room.  I hope everyone can take notes of the inspirations that come through the Holy Ghost when we listen carefully to the church leaders in the correct setting and atmosphere.

In the evening, Marlen spent 3 hours with Hermana Mora and I!  She's still trying to decide if she wants to serve a mission, and loves being around us.  It's great that she can see exactly what we do throughout the day.  (I now wish I had made visits with the sister missionaries back home!)  But it's definitely something I'll be doing when I return.  :)  We enjoyed a fun and productive time together and even taught two new investigators.  This area is starting to grow on me and I love it more and more each day.  :)

Monday (today) was a blast 'cause we went on the "teleferico", which took us over the city.  It was beautiful and we went with our investigator, Eriberto.  Then we all ate lunch, which was yummy.  Here are the photos of our adventures!
Here is one of the many photos I took in the teleferico today!

I love you all and hope everyone enjoys General Conference this Saturday and Sunday!

Hermana Eliason

[more pictures]

Here are some of the many photos I took in the teleferico today

Me in front of the stage before they finished putting up the rest of the seats

Here we are chilling in a tree :)

Baptismal Program [from Kiley's last area]

Here they are with the Bishop and Hermano Niño who baptized them

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