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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

General Conference

Tuesday went really well because we worked all day (no district meeting).  We taught several progressing investigators and invited everyone to General Conference this weekend.  It is so exciting to hear the Prophet and the Apostles and since there are 4 sessions [of Conference], almost all of our investigators promised to attend at least one.  :)

Making friends with lions at the zoo!
Wednesday was a beautiful day.  It hasn't been cold these past few days and the city is still bustling with life because of the Cultural Week and all the activities.  People come from all over Mexico to listen to the concerts (today American Authors performed!) right in the center of the capital.  Hermana Mora and I walk home every night through the "downtown" and it reminds me of Main Street in Disneyland.  It is such a fun atmosphere and a great opportunity to contact!  We taught an investigator named Leopoldo for the second time and he was already half-way through 2nd Nefi [Nephi] in the Book of Mormon!  He asked good questions and said he liked reading the Book of Mormon.  I, personally, LOVE LOVE LOVE The Book of Mormon and don't get tired of reading it over and over again.  It has answers or clarifications to so many of our questions and doubts.

At the park today (Monday)

Thursday flew by after weekly planning.  It's getting kinda hard to find people in their homes because everyone is busy buying, selling, and celebrating.  All the food stands have given us opportunities to try new things.  The Zacatecas authentic sweets have caught the attention of hundreds of bees that are constantly buzzing around the hustle and bustle.  And now that the sun is out every day, people dress as if they're going to the beach!  It is all quite the sight to see.  :)

Friday was the zone meeting.  It was so stress-free to arrive without worrying about speaking in front of everyone.  I happily took notes and enjoyed the messages given by the zone leaders and sister training leaders.  Unlike my last zone, there are only 6 sister missionaries in this zone (Hermana Mora & I, Hermana Brannelly & Gutierrez & the Sister Trainer Leaders Hermana Hernandez & Rich).  At the end of the zone meeting, Hermana Mora and Elder Luciano (my old district leader) gave their testimonies, since this was their last zone meeting.  I can't believe Hermana Mora goes home in just 3 weeks!  Hermana Mora is an excellent missionary that has overcome a lot of trials.  She is a dedicated and hard worker who truly cares about others.

Hermana Mora, Brannelly & me

After the zone meeting, Hermana Brannelly was put with us for this weekend to work in our area, because her area is too dangerous.  It is fun being in a trio and we all know each other and are pretty similar - so it worked out well.  We taught several investigators and had a great day.

Saturday was incredible!  The General Conference talks were so inspiring and answered so many of my questions.  [I was able to watch all of conference with other American missionaries in the stake center in English and there were no computer problems!]  The 4 hours flew by and my hand couldn't keep up with all the notes I wanted to take.  The majority of the talks were concerning the family and the importance of living the gospel in our homes and in our lives.  I hope everyone was able to see the 2 seasons on Saturday and feel the Spirit as the apostles and leaders shared their amazing talks.  I am grateful for latter-day revelation and the guidance we can receive from God through his servants.

Then on Easter, Sunday the talks were just as incredible and special.  I loved when Rosemary Wixom shared "Find joy in the journey.  The future is as bright as your faith." and also "the Lord can only teach an inquiring mind."

The talks about overcoming the distractions and deceptions of Satan by Kevin Pearson was also a favorite.  All the talks can be applied to us and give us new ideas and points of view that invite us to change for the better.

After conference, we encountered and taught 4 new investigators!  The time change left us with more light in the evening, so we were able to contact more people.  This is a very safe area and the people are kind and hospitable.  I love working in the very center of the city and capital of Zacatecas.

Having fun at the park.

On Monday [today] we went to the Park!  (And it's the same park I went to for a multi-zone activity last year when I was serving in Fresnillo & we traveled here to play with the other zone).  It was fun to relive some of the memories in that park and show Hermana Mora around for the first time.  It was a beautiful and relaxing day for me  :)

I am very happy, healthy, and hope you all are as well.  Isn't life amazing?  I hope we can all continue enjoying the many blessings that surround us and expressing our love to those most dear to us.  Like President Monson once said, "Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved."  I love you all!

Hermana Eliason

[more pictures from the park and zoo today, Monday]

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