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Monday, April 27, 2015

Good-bye My Sister ...

Monday was Hermana Mora's last Preparation Day, and she wanted to climb The Bufa [pictures posted last week]  It was a beautiful day and we hiked to the top at an easy pace, taking pictures along the way.  Once we reached the very top, we explored and did some "window shopping."  It is really fun being with Hermana Mora and we have either been companions or in the same district for a total of 6 months!  But, we don't get tired of each other and have become like real sisters and best friends.  I am really going to miss her.

Tuesday was the last district meeting of this transfer and it was in spanglish :)  We have a close friendship with Elder Soto and Elder Madsen, since it is always just the 4 of us.  We took pictures and sang the last hymn, "Till We Meet" for Hermana Mora.  In the evening we visited Eriberto, who still has a glow in his face from his baptism.  Oh, and when we told him that he should cut his hair ('cause Hermana Mora is going to cut it too) he said, "If I go on a mission someday, then I'll cut it."  His answer took us by surprise, but then I thought of how amazing it would be if he went on a mission!

Elder Soto and Elder Madsen with Hermana Mora

Wednesday was warm and once again I forced myself to put sunscreen on my face - the WORST!  But, when the sun comes out, it burns pretty bad.  We had some powerful lessons in the morning and then ate at Hermana Lopez' house (who had prepared Hermana Mora's favorite food).  In the evening we enjoyed visiting Cristina and Jose in Morelos.  I love going there!  Every one knows each other and says hi.  People sit in the back of pick-ups or ride their horses and it isn't uncommon to see a man herding a flock of sheep in the cactus / shrubbery desert.  They all live very humbly, but are so happy and friendly.

Thursday was our last weekly planning session together and I am still really nervous about being left by myself in the area, because it is so big.  I guess the map will become one of my new best friends - I miss GPS!  We taught the Peralta family, who showed us the recent Christmas card they had received from the Elder who baptized them 15 years ago!  It made them so happy to still hear from him every now and then - and it made me think of the people I've come to love on the mission and the contact I hope to maintain with them for years to come.  :)

Friday was a busy day with a little bit of rain.  We visited Leopoldo, who is absolutely traumatized with the idea of Hermana Mora and I leaving.  We told him that there will always be missionaries to visit him, but since we were the first, he has become fond of our visits and is always asking, "Do you really have to go?"  He finished reading the ENTIRE Book of Mormon!  This 73 year old man is a champ and very smart.  I love teaching Leopoldo - but he hasn't been able to come to church yet for various reasons.  But with time, I know he'll be baptized.  :)

We also taught Alejandro, who said he would like to be baptized, but in a river.  So we are working on explaining that being baptized in a font is just as valid.  :)  All in all, it was a great day.  Hermana Mora spent some time before going to bed packing ... which makes me sad to see the apartment look more empty.  It'll be weird not to have her with me and it's hard to watch her tearfully fold everything up and get ready to leave.  But I know her family must be so happy and anxiously awaiting her return.

Saturday morning we taught a new investigator, who made us breakfast / brunch.  The people here are just so kind.  It was a very pretty day and we had fun together.  In every visit when the members, converts, or investigators find out that Hermana Mora is leaving, they get all sad, exchange information to stay in contact, take a picture together, and usually give her something.  It's really cute to see how much the people love the missionaries.  :)

We had the "last supper" together... haha it was pretty funny on Sunday at church

Sunday was a great last day with hermana Mora.  After church we found some new investigators and then at 6pm the movie, Meet the Mormons was shown again.  We went to see it with a family that's been investigating the church and they loved it.  In the evening, we taught several other lessons and all went well.  At night we received the call from Elder Madsen that we need to be in the bus station tomorrow (Monday) at 8am.  I am dreading the moment when I have to give Hermana Mora one last hug and say good-bye.  She has been such an incredible companion.  My new and last companion will be Hermana Cuque.  She was in my last district back in San Luis Potosi and I was able to go on exchanges with her.  I think we will get along just fine.  :)

I love you all so much and wish I had the time to write each of you personally and thank you for all the support and prayers on my behalf.  May everyone enjoy this last week of April!

~xoxoxo  Hermana Eliason

[Kiley will be giving her homecoming talk,

Sunday, June 14th at 9:00am
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
3354 Eucalyptus Ave
Chino Hills, CA

*Note:  there are two buildings in the same parking lot.  She will be speaking in the Stake Center; the larger of the two buildings and the one furthest from the corner.]

More Photos from the week


We were eating chicken and she didn´t give us utensils (since she just dropped off the food in a bag for us) and Hermana Mora said she felt like an animal for eating without a fork or anything so I jokingly started lapping up my water (to act like an animal) and she started busting up!! haha it was really funny in the moment and we re-enacted it for the photo

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