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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Love and Service

[This is Kiley's blog from last week.  She writes her blog on paper during the week and sends it to me as a photograph on Mondays.  Last Monday, the cyber cafe was unable to send pictures.  She was finally able to send it on Thursday. Sorry for the delay.]

After a super fun P-day in the Park Encantada, we taught Eriberto in the evening.  It is amazing how much he's changed.  There is a difference in his behavior, a light in his eyes, and a smile that more frequently shows itself.  It's incredible how the gospel truly helps others, and seeing the conversion of Eriberto has strengthened my testimony in our Loving Heavenly Father who does know us and watch over us.  I am grateful for the gospel in my life and for the positive changes it has wrought in me and those around me.

Tuesday was a normal day.  District meeting.  Lunch. Contacting.  Then in the evening, a young man from our ward (who recently received his mission call to Sonora) introduced us to his friend, Jimena.  She is golden!  She has been reading the Book of Mormon and praying to see if it is true!  We had a powerful lesson with her in the house of Emillo (the young man).

On Wednesday, after teaching Leopoldo and Juan Jose, we were supposed to be interviewed by the Mission President.  But when we arrived around 1:45pm, he told us he had been in interviews all day and hadn't eaten ... so he and his wife took us out to lunch!  We ate at a delicious restaurant - [my meal:  fish, cactus salad, mashed potatoes, some whole wheat bread, and a chocolate malt for dessert!]  After lunch we were interviewed, and the Mission President and I both can't believe how time has flown by so fast.  It was my last interview with him (aside from the one I'll receive the day before I return home).  He has been a great mission president and I am so thankful for all the service and sacrifices of both he and his family.  Afterwards, Hermana Mora and I spent the rest of the day in the little town of Morelos.

Lunch was fun on Thursday because we ate with the Bishop and his wife, the 1st Counselor of the Bishop and his wife, ... and the Elders in the church [building].  We set up a big table for the 8 of us and ate a yummy meal prepared by both families.  Then for the rest of the day, Marlen made visits with us.  This is the last week of vacations for everyone in school and Marlen said she like spending time with Hermana Mora and I.  We are trying to encourage her to consider serving a mission.  :)  Eriberto confirmed that he still wants to be baptized!  So we are shooting for next Saturday!

Friday was interesting because when we arrived with Leopoldo and asked if he had received a confirmation that what we were teaching was true, he lit up and said yes.  Apparently at night, the day we had taught him, Leopoldo had a dream that Hermana Mora was prying for him to get over his sickness and he recovered.  For him, it was a clear confirmation that we had been sent to help him.  He is still reading the Book of Mormon and when we watched the video of the Great Apostasy and Wilford Woodruff, he realized the importance of having a prophet and apostles in these latter days.

On Saturday morning, we met a new investigator named Martin; who seemed really interested in the first lesson and understood what we explained ~ aside from being 80 years old!  Okay, in the evening we taught the Vargas Family.  The Vargas Family is really just Jesus and Silvia, but they remind me SO much of Teodulo and Maria!  Hermana Mora and I both felt the same initial feeling with Teodulo and Maria that one day they'd be baptized, and today we felt the same strong impression about Jesus and Silvia.  :)  And even if Hermana Mora and I aren't around to see all the "fruits of our labors", I get so happy and excited when we meet people who will one day enter into the waters of baptism.

Sunday was Ward Conference, and the Elders and we sang a special musical number for all the members.  :)  One of the talks that I really liked focused on the commandment to love our neighbor.  But who is our neighbor?  Everyone - including ourselves.  I saw that love demonstrated in the evening when a new investigator prayed for the first time with us and asked our Heavenly Father to "bless my friends and please bless my enemies."  What a humble example of Christ-like love!

We taught 3 sisters in their mid-50's in the late afternoon while de-thorning cactus.  :)  It was fun and quite easy, so I'll be making a cactus salad for my family once I return!  haha

During this week I realized the importance of service and having a love for others.  From helping an investigator, who burned her leg go to the doctor, to aiding an elderly member walk down the church stairs - I have felt the joy that comes from helping those in need.  Like Richard G. Scott said, "We best serve our Father in Heaven by righteously influencing others and serving them."  While on the mission and "in the service of God"  I've come to comprehend that the best missionaries are always searching for different ways to serve those around them:  their companion, the members, investigators, random strangers, etc.

My invitation to everyone, is that we can always be ready and willing to serve others.  I love you all and hope you have a splendid week :)

~Hermana Eliason

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