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Monday, August 11, 2014


This week went so well...like always. 

First off we have been having lots of down pours in the evenings, starting around 7pm.  It is actually kinda fun because it cools us off from the scorching heat and crossing the streets (more like rivers) are definitely an adventure ;)  But I still am in love with my area here in Aguascalientes. 
It was raining a ton this week and I snapped a photo of a pretty rainbow that appeared.

Here I am with Hermana Crosby!!! I finally saw her again!
(We arrived the same day in the MTC and traveled with
one other american sister the first day in Mexico)
This week we had a multi-zone meeting with the mission president and the reunion went great, but I couldn't stop smiling from all the familiar faces I saw!! These missionaries have literally become some of my closest friends and I love seeing them.  We get to catch up on the mission life and how everything is going.  I saw Hermana Crosby who arrived the same day in the mission as me (and the same day in the CCM).  She is now training, and it was crazy to realize that we have 8 months in the mission already and will be returning home in 10 short months! WOW.  

YES! I encountered Hermana Miner!!
Here we are together.
I also met Hermana Miner who is the niece of a family friend I had heard about. 

This week Hermana Perez and I also had "intercambios" or companionship exchanges for the day.  I worked in another area with one of our Leaders named Hermana Duverje.  She was awesome and I learned a lot from her.  She is from the Dominican Republic and had such a fun personality and a huge love for the gospel (she converted to the church 3 years ago and is the only member of her family).  We did a lot of contacting and she was impressed by my love to talk so easily with complete strangers.  But it is seriously one of the things I love most - simply talking and listening to others.  I have learned so much by listening to people and then listening to the Spirit to know how to reply.  The mission is so amazing :)

Oh, on Sunday, Hermana Perez and I gave the Sacrament Meeting talks in church.  My talk was based off of a talk in the Liahonna from April 2013 called 10 Ways To Know If You Are Truly Converted.  It actually strengthened my testimony a lot to prepare this talk, and I think I delivered pretty well (because afterwards several members commented that they learned a lot from the topic of personal conversion and that my spanish was almost perfect!)  It was such a huge compliment for me, and I am glad that the Lord is using me as an instrument in His hands to help those around me.  This area has so much potential and incredible people.

A cute little puppy sleeping on my lap ! !
This is the same Saint Bernard puppy!!   But she has grown so much ! !
Here I am with the "puppy" and with Caro (one of our investigators)

Our investigators are improving...the only hard part is church attendance.  But we are working diligently together.  I love being with Hermana Perez and I learn so much from her each day.  She is super wise and always gives such great advice.  We talk openly with each other like best friends.
Today we went to the centro We had a little adventure with Hermana Huff and her companion.  We ate lunch together and did window shopping.  It was fun to explore all the stores and be immersed in the hussle and bussle of the big city It was a fun P-day!
We visited the Centro today and did some shopping for the week ! 
Here we are with Hermana Huff and her companion.  Yes, I bought a giant hula hoop for "exercise" in the mornings ;)
We had a lot of fun today
I am so happy and hope all is going well with everyone back homeMexico is my second home and I love the people and the missionary work here You are all in my thoughts and prayers.  Have a fantastic week!!

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Eliason

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