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Monday, August 18, 2014

More Parties!

On Tuesday, we had our district meeting in English, and Hermana Perez and I taught the lesson (about the importance of reading and using the scriptures).  It went well.  Hermana Perez knows a lot of English and has the desire to continue learning.  :)  Afterwards, our district celebrated Elder Montes de Oca's birthday with cake and a mini-Sponge Bob piñata!  We even used grapes to have a Chubby Bunny competition.  :)  1st place was Elder Montes de Oca with 14 grapes!  I was in second place with 13 grapes, and Hermana Huff in 3rd place with 12!  It was super funny and we all got a good laugh out of the competition.  Pictured below are Hermana Huff and Elder Montes de Oca in the Chubby Bunny contest!! haha

Although Hermana Perez and I don't have the permission and aren't allowed to knock on doors - we have been doing a lot of contacting in other ways.  For example, after walking around our area for almost 3 months, we've become acquainted with many of the street vendors and shop workers who we always wave to.  We've even learned their names, to say hello to them as we pass by, and have become their friends.  And now, we have talked with several of them about our mission and the desire we have to share the gospel with them in their homes  :)  Some have accepted our invitation and seem interested.

This week we had a lot of rain!  Luckily it usually starts to downpour in the evenings when we're finishing up our last lessons.  But regardless of our umbrellas and boots, sometimes the rain seems to be hitting us from all angles and we return to the house soaked.  Hermana Perez and I call it our "evening shower"  :)  So, I guess you could say we're staying extra clean!

So, right now everyone is eating and selling a lot of "tunas" - which are prickly pears (not the fish :) )  I have tried 3 different types of prickly pears and my favorite is the "blanco".  The "blanco" is a light green color, but there's also an orange color, and a bright magenta colored prickly pear!  It has an interesting texture, but I think they're pretty yummy  :)

Our lessons went well this week.  And although sometimes things can be discouraging - like when the investigators aren't home at the time of our visit or aren't reading or "don't have time" to go to church - it's absolutely incredible how much love I sill feel for them.  I know that if Herman Perez and I keep working hard and if we are completely obedient, we'll continue seeing miracles in our lives and in the lives of others.

This is Candy with her owl cake!
On Sunday, it was the birthday of one of the young adults in our ward named Candy :)  She and I have clicked so easily and are good friends.  Sometimes she accompanies Hermana Perez and I in the lessons and currently is considering serving a mission.  She invited us over for lunch and cake.  She loves owls just like me!  So I was impressed by the owl cake her mom made for her.
Here we are with Candy for her 20th birthday

Sponge Bob and Me!
Here is Hermana Perez and I
with the other Hermanas in our district :)

Here I am with my district (minus two elders)

Some things I realized aren't too common back home that I've gotten used to seeing here are:

*     OXXO's  (they are like the shops at the gas stations for grab-and-go snacks / necessities.  The difference here is it's just the shop without any gas pumps!  A gas station without the gas :) haha

An OXXO store

*     Video game rooms - Since none of the teenagers have laptops, x-boxes, play stations, flat screen TVs, etc. in their homes, they pay by the hour to sit in video game rooms and play video games.  Whenever Hermana Perez and I pass by a "game room", we always see dozens of boys and young men crowded around TV screens playing to their heart's content.

*     Big community trampolines:  Since many people don't have backyards or front yards - the neighbors will all pitch in to buy a giant trampoline to entertain all the kids usually the trampolines are just set up in the middle of the street.

This is an example of a giant community trampoline ;)

Here I am with Hermana Huff

Goofing around with Hermana Morinigo

This is our church building

I hope all goes well for everyone this week!  Thank you for all the love, support, and prayers  :)

Love you all!
Hermana Eliason

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  1. Cute cakes! The community trampolines are a great idea for kids!