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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

All Is Well

On Monday, we had a Family Home Evening with our investigator, Nayeli, and her two young daughters.  We watched The Restoration video at a member's house and talked about her questions and doubts that were the same as Joseph Smith's, like "Why are there so many religions?"  and "Which Church is true?".  We taught that the answers to all her questions and doubts would come over time through prayer, study, experience, and keeping God's commandments.  When we invited her to be baptized on September 27th, she accepted!!  Nayeli is so great and very special to us, so we'll continue as best we can to prepare her for this next step in her life.  :)

We are also currently teaching a young man named Miguel, who is the friend of a less-active member.  He was visited by other missionaries before us, but never attended church.  So we were surprised when 2 Sundays ago he showed up and said he was going to start attending so that he could be baptized on September 20th.  :)

Hermana Perez and I have the privilege of being missionaries in this area and know such amazing people.  I feel comfortable here and loved by everyone, which has helped me a lot to really focus on this work and the needs of all we teach.  I love this quote by President Ezra Taft Benson:

"I have often said one of the greatest secrets of missionary work is work !   If a missionary works, [s]he will get the Spirit.  If [s]he gets the Spirit, [s]he will teach by the Spirit, and if [s]he teaches by the Spirit, [s]he will touch the hearts of the people and [s]he will be happy."

An I can truly say that I am happy.  Serving a mission was the best choice I could have ever made and I am so grateful for each day I spend here in Mexico.  :)

Now that we've finished Hermana Perez's training (which implies the first 12 weeks = 2 transfers), we get to leave the house an hour earlier.  For those that aren't really familiar with what we do everyday, here's our schedule:

6:20               Wake Up
6:30-7:00       Exercise (my jumprope, hula hoop, etc. :) )
7:00-8:00       Shower, breakfast, & get ready (make-up, iron clothes, hair, etc.)
8:00-9:00       Personal Study (read scriptures & Preach My Gospel, etc.)
9:00-10:00      Companionship Study (plan our lessons for the day & do practices)
10:00-11:00      Language Study (Spanish for me ! )
11:00-2:30       Lessons & Visits     (teaching the people)
2:30-3:30       Lunch     (teaching the people)
3:30-9:00       Lessons & Visits     (teaching the people)
9:30              Return Home
9:30-10:00      Plan with the Companion
10:00-10:30     Get ready for bed  (journal, p.j.s, etc.)
10:30              SLEEP!

The missionary schedule has really helped me learn how to prioritize my time and work efficiently.  Although I still miss the days when I had time for an afternoon nap, I like the busy and work-filled days, because the time flies by and I don't miss all the countless hours I used to spend doing unproductive activities.  Each day is such a gift and I am learning how to always look for the good in every situation.

Our healthy food purchase
Yes, at Tianguis we bought a ton of super yummy, healthy, and inexpensive fruit!  We are taking our 30 min of exercise more seriously and drinking more water and juice to drop some weight :)   We bought papaya, melon, watermelon, apples, bananas, grapes, guavas, mangos, and strawberries!  Plus, when we want a snack, we bought pumpkin seeds and granola bars  :)  so hopefully in the next couple weeks or months we can see some changes.

Here is the "tuna" cart
of the old man that
sells the prickly pears.
His name is Salvador and
he is super nice

I'm eating a prickly pear ;) yum

On Saturday, all the missionaries in Aguascalientes had a special devotional with one of the leaders of the mission named Elder Valenzuela.  He talked about the importance of the missionaries working together with the members to have more success in our areas.  This is so vital, because the members can play such an influential role in missionary work by assisting the Elders or Hermanas in lessons or giving us references.  I am so grateful for members who are actively engaged in missionary work.  :)

After the devotional I was ecstatic to see Hermana Winsor but very sad to hear that she'll be going home because of health problems.  We took a photo and gave each other several strong hugs before I said good-bye.  I'm really going to miss her sweet and sincere spirit here in the mission.
Goodbye Hermana Winsor

On Sunday, Miguel came to church again!   Wahoo  :)  Nayeli had to work, and 2 of our other progressing investigators were out of town.  But regardless, I was happy and learned a lot from the talks & lessons in church.

Hmmm.... what else .... hardly no rain this week.  Hermana Perez says I keep talking in my sleep and waking her up with spanish phrases or words that I mumble  ;)  haha  Everything is great!  Hope you all have a fantastic fun-filled week.

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Eliason

Here I am with a less active member who I adore named Paula.  She has this super cute dog named Vaca (cow) who has beautiful blue eyes. Hermana Perez and I were cracking up after the picture I took with her because her face is just hilarious as if she were saying "another picture..really..." hahaha

Me and Vaca (cow)

We got an edible arrangements style fruit bouquet from our Bishop
(that is his business and at the end of the day had an extra one left over)

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