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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Brandon's Baptism!

We received free facials from a ward member on P-day - so that was super relaxing / refreshing  :)  Then we followed the Monday routine:  Subway for lunch, some window shopping, our appointment at the dentist for Hermana Gonzalez's braces, and email time.  A great day, and in the evening we visited a less active family who wants to start coming back to church again.

Tuesday's district meeting was in English and I noticed that all the Americans in our district talk so differently.  Hermana Gonzalez said she can't understand Elder Summers and Elder Burns' accents, and that my English is the clearest.  She says I talk like all the American actresses in the movies.  ;) haha  Gotta love being from Southern California!  We made more visits to less-actives in the evening and saw some of our recent converts.  Something that Hermana Gonzalez and I started doing is taking 30-second videos once a day to compile all the videos into a short "movie" at the end of our missions!  It is a lot of fun and I really don't know how I got so lucky to be her companion.  We have a blast together and are the best of friends.
Me and my great companion, Hermana Gonzalez.

On Wednesday we went to Aguascalientes to renew my visa.  Our bus left at 7am and we arrived at 10am.  By the time we waited and did the paperwork and finger-prints, it was lunch time.  Right after lunch we took the 3 hour bus ride back to San Luis - where we managed to visit 2 less-active families.  :)

Brandon was interviewed for his baptism on Thursday and he and his dad were excited for tomorrow.  He is getting baptized at such a great age, because he's young and will learn quickly in the church.  His dad, Arturo, wants to be baptized but since he is a police officer, he always works on Sundays.
Here are the shoes that Teodulo and Maria
bought for us- like the tan lines?

Teodulo and Maria are still just as awesome as ever.  When we visit them, they always give us something to drink and some of their delicious bread and ask, "What are we going to learn today?"  We explained about patriarchal blessings and how they can prepare to receive their own patriarchal blessings.  Oh, and in the evening, we visited Enriqueta and her daughter, Mariela.  What was incredible was that Enriqueta and Mariela read one or two chapters in the Book of Mormon every day and are already in the second book of Nephi!!  I admire their desire to know the truth and put forth the effort to read the Book of Mormon daily.  I absolutely love the Book of Mormon and have learned so much from it's inspiring stories.

On Friday was Brandon's baptism in the late afternoon.  Everything went perfectly!  The Young Men's President, Nefi, baptized Brandon.  Nefi had prepared a musical number on the ukulele that was beautiful and lots of members were in attendance.  Afterwards, Hermano Teodulo taught the sisters in the Relief Society how to make some yummy and simple empanadas and sugar cookies.  He loved teaching everyone and I think everyone had a good experience.
This is the baptism of Brandon with his dad and grandfather

Saturday flew by so quickly.  We borrowed the block game called Jenga to explain the Apostasy in a fun / interactive way and Teodulo and Maria loved it.  Some of their grandchildren and children played too - and we hope to start teaching them soon.  They showed us their 12 chickens they bought that will soon produce the eggs that Teodulo needs to make his bread.  Brilliant idea, right?

We also played Jenga with the family "de la Rosa" and with Sara Dominguez's grandchildren.  It was a fun day.

Sunday's sacrament meeting was fantastic because it was Fast Sunday; where the congregation has the opportunity to share their testimonies.  I can't describe how happy and content I felt to see our recent converts arrive early and participate and socialize during the services.  Teodulo and Maria, Lulu, Brandon and Jose Guadalupe all have friends in the church and have been so warmly welcomed.  I am grateful for a ward that fellowships new members so well.

In the evening Hermana Gonzalez and I received the devastating news that she would be finishing her mission (or her last 6 weeks = 1 transfer) in Matahuala.  She was pretty upset with the news, and I was just sad and shocked.  We got along so well and are the best of friends, so I think that's why the news was so hard.  But she lives less than 3 hours from me, so I know we will see each other again - and we promised each other and the people here that we'd come back to visit.  So it really isn't "good-bye", more like "see you soon."
Hermana Rivera - my new companion

My new companion is Hermana Rivera.  I'll fill you all in with more info next week.

Thank you for all the love and prayers and support.

Con Amor,
Hermana Eliason

[more pics]

This is us with Hermana Fullmer in the central- bus station
This is us with elder Rosas and elder Tlaxtalteca
This is hermana Sara who is like a second mother to us :) 

This is when we were hungry and bought ourselves 
a pizza for dinner. It was like a mini pajama party! lots of fun

This is when we heart attacked the car of 
Hermana Sara who is like a second mother to us :)

This is the name badge that the ward printed out 
on the calendar for February to remind the sisters 
who is going to feed us

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  1. That’s great! Congratulations on that! It was wonderful going through this post. I knew very less about baptism before this. I read your post and searched about it, it’s such a nice and pure thing. It doesn’t happen where I come from, it’s simply amazing! And I can see a place in a picture here and it looks like one of the venues in Los Angeles. Is it there only?