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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I'm a Missionary. I know it. I live it. I LOVE IT!

Monday we were able to run all our errands and get everything done a little early, so we hung around the house.  We cut out pictures, wrote in our journals, and even took a 20 minute power nap.  Then in the evening we taught 3 lessons to less active members.  The last member invited us to eat a quick dinner with her, and she prepared avocado quesadillas!  It was a pretty relaxing day.

This is the only picture we got of Teodulo opening his present
that wasn't blurry. He was excited. And this is one of his
granddaughters Joseline (the same one that went to their baptism) 
 Tuesday was Hermano Teodulo's 61st birthday and they invited us to lunch to celebrate.  We were creative in making a thoughtful and inexpensive present.  We used a cardboard box that we decorated with fun stickers, and put balloons and a card inside.  (We had even cut up paper to make confetti :) ha )   He really liked it and it was just them with 7 of their children.  We all ate red tacos and jello for dessert.  Afterwards we visited Hermana Bertha and her daughter, Paty.  We started teaching about the Plan of Salvation and Paty told us, "I never knew that we lived with God before being born."  She was super interested in the lesson as we described our premortal existence as spirits with our Heavenly Father.  I love seeing people learn!

On Wednesday, I spent my day in my area with Hermana Yanez for exchanges.  She is from Puebla and only has 2 1/2 weeks in the mission field!  I remember recently arriving to Mexico and starting my mission; and it doesn't feel like it was that long ago.  I can't believe how fast the time has flown by.  When I told Hermana Yanez that I have 14 months in the mission, she looked at me as if I am an old lady!  hahah

On Thursday we visited several people before Hermana Rivera took her english exam at Hermana Amy Rodriguez's house.  She was so nervous because it was an oral exam, where she had to talk to the computer.  But she did great and was at an advanced level!
Our Zone

Friday was a special Zone Conference with the Mission President, his wife, and his 3 assistants.  It was fun to see the zone again and the President told us that as a zone we could come to the stake center next week to see the new movie called Meet The Mormons that's going to be released in theaters this next Friday!  I'm super pumped to see it!!  The Relief Society activity for next week is actually carpooling to the movie theater to see it on opening day  :)  Our last visit was with the Rosa family, and we taught about what we do in the temple.  They have been able to do baptisms for their ancestors, but are currently preparing to be sealed as a family.  They are excited, and I am so happy for them and all their progress.  I am grateful for temples and the priesthood authority that allows us to be an eternal family and live together forever.

Saturday sped by like the blink of an eye!  We were able to visit lots of recent converts and less actives.  (This week we updated the ward list.)  I can now say that I have been to every house of present or past members that are registered in our ward!  So we did a lot of walking and knocked on tons of doors.

So Sunday I almost exploded with joy because Teodulo blessed the sacrament!!  He was so nervous, but said the prayer for the water PERFECTLY!!  I couldn't stop smiling and, to be honest, almost cried.  Plus, one of his sons, Pedro, came with his two daughters, Kenya and Sofia.  And guess what?!  They all stayed for the whole 3 hours!  Kenya and Sofia went to Primary, so Pedro was able to attend the classes.  In the Gospel Principles class, Hermana Rivera and I taught about the Priesthood with Pedro and his parents present, and they all participated so much.  It was just an excellent Sunday for me.
Biking at Tangamanga Park with Hermana Rivera

Today (Monday again) we went to the Tangamanga Park!  First we ran a little, and then we went over to Teodulo and Maria's house because they let us borrow their bikes!  So then, Hermana Rivera and I rode all over the park and had a blast!  Man, I miss riding bikes so much.  We saw the animals, played on some play-grounds, and even did a boot camp obstacle course!
Here i am doing the obstacle course. It was actually really really fun! haha

Here I am on the teeter totter! I hadn't been on one of those in FOREVER! haha

When we returned to Teodulo & Maria's house, they gave us orange juice and we helped Teodulo make his morning bread for a couple of minutes.  It was great.

Yeah, so life couldn't get better for me as a missionary!  I am loving every second here and everything is going so well.  I truly adore the people and teaching them more about Jesus Christ.

I hope everyone has a fantastic week.  Keep that smile on your face  :)

Love always,
Hermana Eliason

We carved our inicials [initials] on this tree ;)

I was trying to take a picture of hermana rivera with the bull but right before it charged towards the fence and she jumped away screaming!! I managed to snap this shot!! 

Here is where the old landing station was for the airport. My area is called Aviacion (which means aviation- for like planes!) So there was a bunch of cool things we saw- but the battery of the camera ran out! next time there will be more pictures

Okay I was totally excited about the merry go round. And then Hermana Rivera was like "cool. I can do that too." and like 20 seconds after she started spinning...I took this picture of her because she's like "I think I am going to throw up now!" hahaha

Here we are making wishes...cause there were a ton of those things all over!
(we had just finished running, and that`s why we are so red)

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