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Monday, February 9, 2015

New Beginnings

This is the reunion of zone leaders and sister training leaders
On Monday I spent the majority of the day in the bus station.  Our leaders told us to arrive at 7:30am, and it turned out that Hermana Gonzalez's bus didn't leave until after 1pm!!  But, it wasn't too bad, because I got to see a ton of sisters and elders that were also going to change areas - so it was like a big get together in the bus station.  When it was time for Hermana Gonzalez to go, she was crying, but I assured her that we'd see each other again after the mission.  :)
Me and Hermana Rivera

Then I met my new companion, Hermana Rivera.  At first I was nervous, but I quickly realized that we are exactly the same!  Another sister missionary who knows us both told me, "If I were to put the two most similar sister missionaries together, it would have been you and Hermana Rivera."  She was right, because we soon had become great friends and were making each other laugh.  Hermana Rivera is 21 years old, has two little brothers and an outgoing personality.  She speaks perfect english and has been in the mission for a year.  It's fun hearing about her home in Puerto Rico!

On Tuesday we visited Lulu, before lunch with the Loredo family.  The Loredo family is the coolest.  The Dad is our mission leader in the ward, the son always came with us to teach Brandon, and the daughter is always willing to come with us to visit investigators or pick them up on Sundays.  They made us carne asada!  It is incredible how much the members take care of us.  I am so grateful for all their help and support.  And since it is the first week in February, we got on the bus for Aguascalientes, because we have the Council Meeting with the mission president and all the zone leaders tomorrow.

Here I am with a few sisters from our zone
Wednesday was exciting because I got to see all the new zone leaders and sister training leaders.  Guess what?  Elder Oldham (an Elder that was in the M.T.C. with me) is a zone leader now!  It's weird to think that we almost have been in the mission for 14 months when I remember being in the MTC like yesterday!  Time truly flies by.  The Council Meeting was excellent, and the topics were on unity and obedience.  I learned a lot and had a fun time with Hermana Rivera.

Thursday we were able to teach a ton of people!  We've been teaching Jose Guadalupe's niece, who recently moved in with him and also the family members of some less actives and recent converts.  I love watching the family members learn and grow together.  The gospel truly brings people together.  Before heading home, we watched The Testaments movie with Enriqueta and her two daughters.  They loved it, and we all cried because it's just such a touching / inspiring movie.  It tells the story of some people who lived here in the Americas and how they prepared for and received the visit of Jesus Christ.

Friday we had the zone conference.  All but two companionships in the zone had changes - so there were a lot of new faces  :)  I talked about the importance of unity in all aspects of the mission.  To be unified, we need to be one in thought, desire, and purpose.  I learned that when Jesus Christ was praying to our Father in Heaven in the Garden of Gethsemane before carrying out the Atonement, he was mostly praying for unity.  (John 17:11, 20-23)

This is me in Walmart with a huge stuff animal caterpillar that I thought was adorable.

Saturday was a great day!  Teodulo and Maria's son, Pedro, was interested in the lesson we were teaching and decided to sit-in and listen.  I know that one day all their children will join the church and accept the gospel.  And in the evening we helped the Rose Family pack-up and move from their small house to an even smaller apartment.  They were so grateful for the time we spent helping, that they bought us tamales to eat for dinner.
This is when we ate pizza for Hermana Rivera´s 1 year anniversary in the mission

Sunday, we spent the majority of the day in church.  Before church started, we had a ward council meeting in the Bishop's office.  Then after 3 hours of services, we ate a yummy lunch with the Nino Family.  Before going to the meeting in the stake center for the leaders, we visited Patricia (Bertha's daughter).  Patricia just started listening to our missionary lessons and accepted a baptismal date in March.  :)  She works in a cake shop and gave us some scrumptious cake - so that's a bonus.  :)

Here is what my comp did for my 14 month anniversary :)
She is so cute

All in all, a fantastic week.  I am happy and healthy and hope you are as well.  Happiness is a choice as Abraham Lincoln said, "People are about as happy as they make up their minds to be".

I love you all and pray for your happiness and success.

Hermana Eliason

[more random pics]

This is Hermana Rivera and I with Hermana Flores because she was once the companion of us both

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  1. Great letter! You are doing so well. Keep up the good work. We look forward to see you this Summer! Love, Uncle Steve