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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

On Monday, Hermana Rivera and I deep cleaned our house and she finished unpacking.  We bought lots of fruit at Tiangis and even went running in the morning!  When we went to visit Walmart in the afternoon, I had forgotten that this week will be Valentine's Day and the whole store was filled with chocolate, teddy bears, and hearts!  After writing our families, we visited some less active members.

I have no idea why Hermana Rivera has these....but they are hilarious to put on
and we couldn't stop laughing! haha

Tuesday we had our first District Meeting as a new district.  It all went well, and afterwards we started exchanges with Hermana Empey and Hermana Cuque from our district.  Hermana Empey and I stayed in my area and started working together after the District Meeting.  She is from Washington, where her family manages a bunch of crop and orchards.  (They have about 900 acres filled with apple, peach, cherry & pear trees, but also corn, wheat, alfalfa, etc.)  It was so cool to hear what her life is like working on the farm with her 4 brothers and 1 sister.  Hermana Empey tries to be exactly obedient and works hard - so I enjoyed the day with her.

Wednesday afternoon right before lunch, we finished exchanges and I was reunited with my companion Hermana Rivera.  We had an incredible day together and taught so well with the Spirit.  Now a lot of family members of other people we've been teaching are sitting in on the lessons when we visit.  Teodulo & Maria's son, Pedro, loves learning and always participates.  Bertha's two children are progressing and want to come to church, and Enriquets's other daughter asked us for her own Book of Mormon because she was reading from her sister's and is finishing 2nd Nephi!

Enriqueta said the most touching comment after we asked her how she had been feeling when we visit.  She told us, "After the car accident, I was going through a really rough time and was even recomended to take medicine from my psychologist.  But you and your companion showed up 2 days afterwards, and I've felt so good that since the first visit, I haven't taken medicine.  Now I feel more peaceful, self-confident, and I felt a change from before."  As she was telling us all of this, I actually almost cried because it was just a really sweet experience / moment.

On Thursday, we spent the day looking for less active members on the ward list.  It was great because we could contact a lot of people and also set up a lot of new appointments.  We walked a ton, and we were both pretty worn out by the time we got home at night.
So sometimes the addresses that we had to look for didn't exist anymore.
So that was always fun! haha

On Friday we continued the search for less-actives and I actually really liked it.  It was like a crazy detective adventure to go looking for addresses and find out what had happened to a lot of people.  One less active lady told us we were the first missionaries in years to come looking for her.  It was a rewarding experience because it shows the less active members that they are never forgotten and we still care about them.  :) 

These are the balloons and her desk that I heart attacked
Saturday was Valentine's Day!!!  I heart-attacked the desk of Hermana Rivera with stickers, post-its, and balloons and she gave me an ELEPHANT!!  

This is the cute elephant she gave me with a chocolate sucker
We had an outstanding day visiting lots of people.  Lulu gave us candy in the lesson we had with her before lunch.  Then Adriana made us super yummy hamburgers for lunch, and afterwards when we got to Teodulo and Maria's house, we decorated a cake!  We wrote "amor y amistad" because to them, it's the day of love and friendship - which I kinda like better than just Valentine's Day.

In the evening, we saw Bertha and her two children who are investigating the Church.  We taught them about the Book of Mormon - and they had read the introduction just like we had asked  :)  Before going home we taught Enriqueta and two of her daughters.  (Mariela and Ximena)  We explained the priesthood power and the sacred responsibility that the men have in our church.  It was a great lesson and they committed to come to church.  When we got home, a sister in our ward, who washes our clothes, brought us tacos for dinner and a big bag of candy!  So Hermana Rivera and I were pretty happy campers  :)

Sunday was fantastic!  Enriqueta and her two daughters came to church, and Teodulo received the priesthood!  The classes went well and everyone passed out a bunch of candy.  After church we ate with the Yera family - who always fee us as if we've been fasting for like a week  :)  They give us SO much food.  Just to give you all an idea of what I ate:  6 potosi enchiladas, 2 servings of beans, a huge carne asada, vegetables, 2 glasses of mango water, and dessert!!  I felt like I was going to explode, but everything was scrumptious.

I hope everyone had an excellent Valentine's Day.  I love you all so much!


Hermana Eliason

Kenya might have gotten a little too excited 
and had frosting all over her face 
and in her hair- but still so stinkin adorable!

This is Pasaje E- E is for Eliason!

These are the posters she put on my wall! haha We are Pooh Bear and Tigger

This is during lunch when we took a quick selfie

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